Genus Rosa L. fruits and seed quality morphometric indices

Here is a small note in the form of a short summary about fruits and their seed quality. Unfortunately, the comprehensive work is not officially available, why the informative value is also limited. However, some of the given information may still be of interest.

For a better understanding: the term ‘ramanas rose’ stands for Rosa rugosa.

Sungurova, N.R. & Strazdauskene, S.R. & Strugova, G.N. & Makarov, S.S. & Besschetnov, V.P… (2023). Genus Rosa L. fruits and seed quality morphometric indices. FORESTRY BULLETIN. 27. 127-137. 10.18698/2542-1468-2023-5-127-137.


The analysis of fruits morphometric indices of various representatives of the genus Rosa L. growing in the SAFU dendrological garden is given. It is established that the largest fruits are produced by ramanas rose, ramanas «Plena» and cross roses. Indices of fruit parameters were determined, which are characterised by spherical, flattened and elongated shapes. It was found that the largest fruits mass has a ramanas rose and a Scotch rose, and the smallest fruits belong to a Michigan rose. It was observed that the highest percentage of seed content was found in a cinnamon rose, a blue rose and a hanging rose, while their fruits had the maximum number of seeds, except for the blue rose. It is shown that a rose de Mai and a cinnamon rose have the lightest seeds, while the seeds of a cinnamon rose have the highest quality (93.8 %). The minimum indicator of full-grained healthy seeds was observed in Scotch rose «Plena» (75 %).

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