Generous Members

I can’t tell how much I appreciate the generosity of the RHA members. Over the past few months folks have sent plants, pollen and lots advice. All of it is appreciated and hopefully I’m putting it to good use. Maybe some day I’ll be able to repay the generosity with pollen and plants to others.

Jeff Stover

I definitely know how you feel Jeff. At times I feel guilty and one day soon I hope I can repay some of the kindness I have received. So far it has been a one way street and I hope I can send things back the other way soon. Right now the only thing I have to give is some ideas which are sometimes mine but a lot of times are highly influenced by others and occasional article for the news letter which is based on very little experience. I do have to say we have some of the most generous people among us.


Thanks for your comments regarding the RHA members. I know that most of them (myself included) can say after a few years - “Been there, done that!” We all have had our times when we said, “I should’a”. Hybridizing is a constant learning process, and we DO learn from each other. There is no such thing as a dumb question - any question accepted gladly here on the forum, or when you see any of us at our semiannual meetings. We do have members in a dozen or so countries, so you might get help from anywhere. That is what makes this so enjoyable. As you learn, please help others so that they too can feel proud of having had their hand in creating the most beautiful of flowers - the Rose, our national flower.

I do wish you success in your hybridizing efforts. Keep us posted.

John Moe

General Director, RHA