Gemini has impressive hip set ability

I just bought a large Gemini this January. I tried the following pollen on it: Westerland, Livin Easy, Madame Isaac Pereire, Granada, Carefree Sunshine, Ingrid Bergman. It is currently covered with small apples, everything took. Hopefully germination is good with Gemini seed, I couldn’t be happier with using it as a parent at the moment.


‘Gemini’ is a great seed parent (though it hasn’t been as good for me as a pollen parent) and germination is good. It sounds like you will have some nice seedlings to look at next year.

Best wishes,

Jim Sproul

Really glad to hear about the germination, I’m looking forward to it, thanks Jim. I’ll redo these crosses to get more seeds, since they seem promising.

(self correction, they look more like pears actually, not apples)