geminate in temperate climates

Hello everyone, I want to start growing roses. I live in Cuba and I want to ask you if in this climate where temperatures remain between 30°C and 35°C almost all year round, roses can be fertilized so that they can grow rose hips.

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Welcome! Most roses, in general, struggle in continuously warm climates. You probably will be able to grow modern floribundas, shrubs, minis, older Teas, Noisettes, perhaps Gigantea hybrids and a number of Hybrid Teas and you may find some which set hips in those temperatures. The lower end of the temperature range you list is at the upper range for most rose seeds to germinate. You will probably find some able to successfully germinate at those temperatures but I suspect due to the heat you’ll be growing them in, it may well be hit and miss finding the successful ones. Good luck!


Welcome @arniel !
I agree with Roseseek’s comment. You will have to find out for yourself! I am in a warm climate myself (zone 11) but not quite as hot year-round as you.
I’m always interested in learning which roses work for people in hot climates, after all the world is getting warmer not colder so I think these experiences are particularly valuable.
Two things to consider: try to get disease resistant varieties, because the humidity in a tropical climate will favor fungal diseases. The other thing is, try to plant them somewhere where they will get morning sun only, and shade the rest of the day to keep them cool.
Here is a thread on the Houzz forum where you can read the comments and varieties grown by several people in various tropical climates:


Spent some time, like lots of tourists in Cuba, mainly in Cuba du Santiago area - warmer than Varadero l believe in winter. Based on some tourists wearing winter jackets when the cold winds from Florida blow onto the beaches.

I would suggest looking around your neighbourhood, parks and any nursery first to see if you can find any roses growing in your area. They might let you have some small cuttings to root.

The type list Roseseek provides is what l would of guessed. I’ve seen the odd rose garden in many of the Hawaii islands. Mainly moderns.

They seem capable of growing florist hybrid teas in Columbia’s climate for as large scale commercial enterprises purposes.


I thank you for answering me. Here in Cuba there is very little bibliography on the cultivation of roses, therefore the types of roses cannot be identified. On the other hand, I asked them if rose seeds germinate in this climate because I have not seen any rose hips in my life either, here the greatest propagation of roses is done by cuttings. In Cuba there are also no nurseries where they sell any fertilizers or fertilisers, or substrates, it is a little difficult to learn about these beautiful plants…


I believe one of the components for making classical commercial fertilizers (NPK type) is very access regulated, by officialdom, that being nitrogen compounds. Use to work in mining industry. Plus due to supply chain issues for European sources driving price, very expensive.

Finding phosphorus and potassium may be a challenge.

Small time compositing of garden organic waste and seaweed outside is one alternate route to get all three in “a soil” plus elementals. But ask around what small landholders with household / market gardens.

Compositing of garden waste, and other organics “how to” is on web. A good mix of green (leaf / grass) and brown (woody) is usually recommended. Not all green.

However pest and nuisance seeds management can be an issue until heat of decomposition to make composite destroys them. Usually done in outside vented container.

Should be lots of info on this RHA site as to substrate for trying to germinating seeds when you acquire them.

l believe well shredded coconut coir maybe available or porous washed sand.

Or with warm - hot weather rose seeds l believe Roseseek just plants the seeds outside in garden/home made trays of soil. His blog should have how he does it.


I would think it’s not impossible for roses to set hips and germinate in Cuba. After all, the Bourbon class of roses originated in La Reunion island, so the hips must have been able to form and the seeds to germinate in that tropical climate. Also Viru Viraraghavan hybridized many roses in tropical Andhra Pradesh, India.
Often we do not see hips forming simply because gardeners tend to cut off the blooms when they start to fade to encourage more blooms. It is only if the roses are left alone for a while after blooming that you will be able to see if hips form or not.
If you want to identify roses you can post pictures and a description, for example here or on the Houzz rose forum, and often people will be able to tell you which one it is, if you show clear pictures of the blooms, stems, leaves, and a description of size, scent, rebloom etc.

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I think I would have to get in touch with someone from South Florida since that climate is very similar to that of Cuba. Maybe they can give me some advice on growing roses…

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Good idea … start at Houzz antique rose forum as there is a well known Phd in Florida who does advanced work with Florida conditions friendly roses, disease resistant types and use to teach at university. In past sometimes contributes on that forum.

However since your a beginner might want to get exposed to basics some more before asked whether soil nematodes a problem in Cuba for plants and roses.

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Link might work in Cuba

If anyone has a book about the basics for growing roses and they share it with me, I would really appreciate it.

Hello arniel!

I don’t know this book myself, but it seems to most closely match your requirements. It is available as Kindle Edtion. Maybe it can help you a little further. Best wishes.


57 min 45 sec long U- tube video with Malcolm Manners titled as below:

“Growing Roses in Florida”

Remember wifi was very expensive back in day at hotels so playing video might be costly if not free to you.


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I really appreciate your collaboration, I’m going to watch the video but the book is impossible for me, I live in Cuba and Amazon doesn’t work here…

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Hello arniel!
I am so sorry, I was not aware of that. But I have found two other videos for you. Maybe you don’t know them yet and there is something worth knowing for you.

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