Funny Conversation about Hybridising... sorta...

Was outside this morning preparing roses for hybridising, when one of my neighbors walks by, looking very concerned. Conversation below followed:

Neighbor: Hi, Fa.

Me: Hiya! How are you?

Neighbor: Me? I’m fine. Are…

Me: Mmmm?

Neightbor: Fa, are you okay? I mean… everything all right?

Me: Yeah, fine! I’m so glad we finally got some sun this morning!

Neighbor: Are you… sure?

Me: Uhm… yeah, really? Why?

Neighbor: Well, it’s just that… I’ve seen you out here every day working on this garden, and the last few days you’ve been sitting out here pulling the petals off all these lovely roses! There’s nothing wrong… ?

Me: No, no, no, not at all!

Explanation of hybridizing followed, but I’m not sure she was buying it.

“Explanation of hybridizing followed, but I’m not sure she was buying it.”

Are we supposed to believe THAT would explain your bizarre behavior??? Obviously there is something very wrong indeed! :wink:

/me laughs. Brilliant.

??Reminds me of Mortitia Adams (Adams Family TV series)…

…maybe her name was spelt Morticia Adams??

Maybe it was the dancing around chanting “he loves me… he loves me not… he loves me…” throwing the petals in the air that made her wonder LOL!

LOL! Well, I have never claimed sanity! But hey, at least I got one of the neighbors to come look at the garden!

It could be worse. I have B-rad’s wannabe twin (from Malibu’s Most Wanted) living next door to me. He’s harmless enough except I’ve cought him picking my roses to give to his girl…and his taste…he seems to go after the best yellows. I’ve found myself the crotchety old neighbor trying to get out and dis-petal them before they get gone.

I laughed out loud when I read this. Between pulling off the petals of all my roses and the grow lights blaring in my basement, I know my neighbors think I am crazy and/or on drugs.

Roses aren’t a drug?! Who knew! :smiley:

Last year I was in bed asleep for about two hours when at two or three in the morning I heard the a loud rapping at my door. I got out of bed with just my boxes and bed head on to see what the clatter was. When I opened the door to my surprise it was the Fort Collins PD. My well meaning neighbor had seen my grow lights and decided it was his civic duty to call the cops on my drug operation. The cops needless to say didn’t find anything, but my neighbor has looked at me with a suspicious eye ever since. Personally I was hoping for Santa Claus or Ed McMain.

Good thing I have my greenhouse outside where everyone can see what’s growing under those lights!

That is so funny! None of my new neighbors have ever approached me…but makes me wonder now. LOL I even put plastic baggies on for a little while…so they must really be scratching their heads over that.

I would imagine exhibitors trying to protect blooms with their milk carton rigs and such get similar strange looks from their neighbors from time to time. LOL