Funky Yellow & Seedlings

I have a seedling of 1048 that I call Funky Yellow, because the blossoms are often kind of odd in a variable way.

It’s decently hardy and healthy and reblooms so I’ve kept it and used it a little in breeding. See pics.

Anyways, to avoid confusion I’ll post pics of a seedling of Funky Yellow in a reply.
Funky Yellow - 5.jpeg
Funky Yellow - 3.jpeg
Funky Yellow - 4.jpeg

So I have this seedling which is Funky Yellow x Icecap (or vice versa). Icecap hasn’t really done all that well here, but it really blooms heavily and the blossoms last on the plant a long time. This seedling seems to have gotten the funky character from Funky Yellow. Not sure what to call it…pointy petals that are kind of messy?

Anyways, I’m just curious what y’all think of this blossom style and whether it is worth pursuing. Of course this rose seems kind of sterile, but I haven’t given it a good try…just noticed it a week or so ago.
Funky Yellow - 2.jpeg
Funky Yellow - 1.jpeg

I passed on using Icecap. It has a very nice plant and rebloom, but the blooms are honestly awful. They wince at the presence of any rain, and cool humidity in general makes them look like a tornado went through when no wind was ever present.

I think that unfortunately narrow petals only pan out in some exceptions. There are roses like Prairie Sunrise where the outer petals are wide and the inner petals are narrow, creating an OGR effect. There are roses like Limelight that have good substance causing a waterlily effect. In general, there needs to be something extra that goes along with narrow petals to create a visually aesthetic effect without causing ruin to the blooms or rose class.

Double Knock Out has narrow petals that work in its case but can be awful in trying to produce something from when not taking the narrow petals into account.

What is worth pursuing is the buttoneye you made in the bottom photo. You can get even quartering from roses like this, but getting pollen from them is unfortunately difficult. It can be done. I have done it with Lullaby.

It almost worked in old cross of mine, but the issue persisted that the blooms and foliage were not distinct from one another. As it aged, it looked like a weed lol

There have been a few successes, but probably because of color and size, if anything. Red Drift is really messy. But the stems stay low, its perpetual, the color is red, and the parts are tiny. My city alone buys thousands of them from city curbs. When inspected closely, its a very messy little thing.

So its really about the combination of effects and whether they work with each other or against itself.