full time position in ornamentals breeding/rose breeding

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is advertising a full time position in ornamental breeding and specifically rose breeding. The date to apply may be extended a few weeks.


Daryl Somers
e. daryl.somers@vinelandresearch.com<mailto:daryl.somers@vinelandresearch.com>
t. 905-562-0320 X768
c. 905-933-1604

If you’re interested, the closing date for applications has been extended to September 28.

The search for this position closed on September 28, but the search has been re-opened, with an announced closing date of December 31, 2015.

If you’re interested, use the link posted in the first message of this thread.

I’d apply but for the pesky pHd requirement.

I wonder if this position has something to do with Ball recently getting into the rose business - see the partnership logos on Vineland’s home page:


The position description is heavy on commercialization. Also, doesn’t it seem odd that Ag Canada would be getting back into rose breeding after they disassembled the multi-generational program they already had?

I’m sure it has nothing to do with Ball.

What makes you think Vineland is AgCanada? The Vineland Innovaton Centre is not officially a government operation, although it has been heavily subsidized by the government and by CNLA.

For the past 2 or more years, Vineland has been promising commercial introductions from its program by 2018. So far the best introductions by CNLA and introductions-to-be (under the Vineland label?) are from the loot they got from AgCanada.

‘Bill Reid’ is from Larry Dyck.
‘Campfire’ is from Larry Dyck.
'AAC 576' Rose is from a cross made by Larry Dyck in 2001–may be introduced in 2017.
‘Oscar Peterson’, 'Oscar Peterson' Rose is to be introduced in 2016. It’s from a cross Larry Dyck made in 2007 or so.

The search for this position (see the first post in this thread) had been extended to January 31, 2016, and has been extended now until February 8. If you are still holding out and you want a challenging position, here’s your chance.

Extended until Feb 22 now.

The perfect candidate has not appeared.

Having just re-read the job posting I’m struck by how diametrically opposed it all is to the character and qualifications of many, if not most, of the historically successful rose breeders.

Paul Olsen sent along this link to the Toronto Star. Apparently, the rose breeders at Vineland are hard at work.


Maybe the rose breeders were hard at work in July.

That fluffy article is about what happened in July–but it was written for Valentine’s Day, to sell roses at the llnked Toronto Flower Market Valentine’s weekend sale.

The breeder position opening was posted about 4 weeks after the July 23 open house.


One thing we know for sure, is that the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is busy gearing up to introduce a new red rose in 2017.

From the Innovation Report 2015.

“The new rose, initially developed by AAFC (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), has all the attributes Canadians say they love in their roses: plenty of full red flowers, green glossy foliage and an average height of approximately 130 centimetres. It also boasts a powerful combination of disease resistance and winter hardiness, making it an ideal candidate for commercialization across the country. Identified by Vineland under the leadership of rose breeder Dr. Rumen Conev, the AAC 576 rose will be launched in time for Canada’s sesquicentennial (150 years) in 20017.”

Judging by its above average height and apparently its good disease resistance, I think it’s likely this selection has the Explorer Rosa kordesii genes in its pedigree. I question though, because of its height, if it’s an ideal rose “for commercialization across the country.” The trend, of course, is groundcover types of roses that can be grown in confined spaces or in containers placed on patios, decks and balconies.