Fuego de Amore parentage?

Last fall I ordered Fuego de Amore from Antique Rose Emporium. It’s not listed on HelpMeFind so I don’t know its genetics. I wonder if perhaps it has some Cinco de Mayo in the mix. It does produce pollen which I collected today. Even though it is late here I am going to put some pollen on it and see what happens. I has a nice bloom but I am really impressed with the habit. It is not too large and is very healthy and bushy with dark green foliage and no black spot or leaf drop. Is anyone using this one? Anyone have a clue about the parentage?

Joan Richardson
Zone 8

Hi Joan! You’ve been missed! Does no one at ARE have any idea about the back ground of the rose? I’ve asked about it on Andrew Barocco’s Facebook page in case he may know something and directed him to this thread here. Hopefully, that may get some information. Anyway, it’s good “seeing you”!

Andrew responded! " Hi Kim, as a matter of fact I do. After reviewing my old notes I see that the parentage is (Winter Sun x Brite Eyes)!

Glad to hear it’s doing well for someone, Brite Eyes definitely has some dominant black spot resistance gene(s) I believe Rdr4? But David Zlesak is the expert on that, I could be wrong.

It’s nice to be missed. Thanks for the info on Fuego de Amore, I did put some Cinco de Mayo pollen on it so we will see if that works. I did a dozen crosses yesterday. The only ones for the year. I do have some OP hips set from earlier in the year. My crosses for 2022 were a total bust! After collecting over 50 crosses only 3 seeds germinated all of which promptly died. Don’t know if it was from bad medium or brutally hot summer. Was kinda discouraging. Then we had the ice storm on January 31 which caused a lot of damage to our place. We are still waiting to have a mature tree removed so I was busy cleaning up the mess when it came time to make crosses on the first bloom cycle. But, for this “Farmer’s Daughter” there is always the hope for next year.

Joan Richardson


Yes ma’am, “always hope for next year”! Fingers crossed for you!