Fritz Nobis

Here is another rose that I would love to use because 1.) It has the shrubiness I like, 2.) The flowers are a beautiful pink shade and formed like a hybrid tea, 3.) Has a good fragrance. I have space for this one, but since I haven’t seen recorded seedlings, I’m wondering about it’s fertility. Anyone… please?

Apparently it sets a copious quantity of hips if not deadheaded. I’d also like to use it. Someday when I’m settled and have a bit of earth…


anyone who had success using this rose?


I was reading in Peter Beales’ book Classic Roses last night and apparently he raised a plant from it and introduced it to commerce. I’ll have to take another look for the name. I do recall that FN was the female parent.

Confirmed, the rose is John Grooms, introduced 1993 by Peter Beales, parentage is Fritz Nobis x Compassion. I’ve put in a comment with HMF - hopefully they will update the parentage info.

Thank you for the information!
I bought F.N. this year and the rose is growing well and seems very healthy. Probably won’t bloom for me this year, but looking forward to breed with it next year :slight_smile: