Fringed Petals

Does anyone have any experience working with roses with fringed petals? Examples include Permanant Wave, Proud Mary, Ole, Playgirl and it’s hybrids. To a less extent, it’s noticable on a few like Scarlet Moss, Angel Face, Impatient and Blast Off. Well my question is, how strong is this trait? Also, I notice that 2 color ranges seem to dominate this quality. Im using my first fringed parent this year, Ole, so I am very curious.

When I use a parent that has wavy petals, it seems that there are always some seedlings with wavy petals, so I’d guess it’s a dominant trait.

Maybe someone who has specifically bred for this trait can give you more information. Enrique, haven’t you been using Orange Ruffels?

Orange Ruffels isn’t ruffled like Ole, Angel Face, or Love Potion. The petals are quilted, I think that is the term. But to the eye, it has the look of ruffledness.

It has been a really good seed parent, and now I’m evaluating seedlings. Seems to pass some sterling traits such as thick holly like foilage that is has been pretty disease resistant.

Ole is a nice seed parent, but I got low germinations (I’m not sure how much). But I’ve never really gotten to use it for the pollen.

Angel Face is a prolific parent both ways, at least according to It would be really to breed for extreamly ruffled roses. Go for it!