Free Therese Bugnet seeds

My Therese Bugnet produced hips for the first time this past year. I don’t know if it was the age of the rose, a difference in weather or pruning (it had gone unpruned, unlike prior years). I got a large number of hips, but I never got around to processing them. They stored well for a long time, but have now molded.

As others have been kind enough to provide me with seeds in the past, I am going to give out some of these for free.

I have far more seeds than I could handle the seedlings for (even with poor germination). Given the caveats that the hips have been stored all winter long, and the seeds might be damaged by the outer mold, your welcome to have seeds. I’ll be sending them out in groups of ~ fifty seeds per envelope (I won’t make you deal with the moldy hips).

Send me your mailing address. Entitle your message

“Free (Therese Bugnet X OP) seeds”.

Orders will be filled on a first come, first served nature.

Caveat emptor and TANSTAAFL all apply.

Chris Mauchline

Interesting. My TB is around 20 yrs old and has never produced op hips in any quantitity; it is rarely pruned.

Is there a pollinator nearby? TB produces hand-pollinated hips/seeds fairly well. TB X Quadra has been a good cross for me.

There are many other roses in my yard, but nothing that is very close or a likely candidate. My experience is the opposite of yours. I’ve tried a number of times to pollinate TB, (mainly with HTs), and never got a set. I’ve actally given up using it as a parent.

My suspicion too is that ‘Therese Bugnet’ is just selective with the pollen it accepts. I’ve had very good seed set with crosses with straight rugosas with it and good op seed set with those I see in landscapes with straight rugosas nearby. Otherwise it’s been hit and miss with other types of males I’ve put on it. In general it has seemed that crosses with standard modern roses typically have not taken well. That’s interesting Dave that it accepted ‘Quadra’ pollen. I wonder if the rugosa in the background through R. x kordesii helps.



For what it’s worth, several years ago I had quite a few seedlings of Therese Bugnet x Golden Chersonese. Is TB a diploid?

…Or other roses in the Cinnamomae section… (Chris, ya don’t per chance have a R. fedtshenkoana in the vicinity, do ya??? (he inquired, wistfully…) I can’t help but think that could work… Potentially pretty babies, and with potential recurrence…)

I would imagine that “all winter long” is only scratching the surface of what the seeds will require in terms of stratification, and any takers should be aware of that. The mold shouldn’t be problematic, from what I understand.



Besides feral multiflora, I really don’t have any wild or species roses around.

My personal plan on cold stratification is to start with 60 days, and then put them back after a week, and so on taking them out at 30 day intervals.

Response has been underwhelming. If you’re interested in the seeds please contact me.


“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”.

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