Free open pollinated rose seed

The hips I collected this past fall are listed at the link below. If you would like any of the OPEN POLLINATED seeds listed, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Please reply by e-mail.

  2. Please make sure the name(s) of the rose(s) is (are) on the request. If you are interested in more than one type, please list them with highest priority first.

  3. Please give your name and post office address in a form that I can simply photo copy, cut out, and tape to the package.

  4. I will use a priority selection process based on when a request is received. For example the earliest request received will get his/her first listed choice. Then that persons name will go to the bottom of the pile for second choice. This will be repeated for the third round, etc… The person who was highest on the second round will be the last choice for the third round (right behind the person who was first in the first round. The only time I will not follow the priority selection process listed above is if the person requesting had sent me one of the parents in that particular cross.

I will probably wait about a week before arranging the distribution order. I will be cleaning the hips on a “as time permits” basis so you may not get some of the seeds for quite a while.

I will send seeds to other countries. I write on the outside “ROSE SEEDS”. The seeds have normally been dipped in 3 % hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. It is understood that it is the requestor’s responsibility to comply with your countries import rules.

The offer applies only to those batches that have “open pollinated hips” farthest to the right.

Thus, the hips of:

“(George Vancouver X John Davis) . 12 open pollinated hips.”

are available;

while the hips of:

“(Bonavista X OP) X (William Baffin X OP). 1 hip pollinated on 7-6-04.”

are not available.

The (Bonavista X OP) X OP and the (Rugelda X R-15) X OP seeds have already been spoken for.



I would like very much to have seeds of your OP Rugelda x R-15 seeds. I will email you my address. If it turns out that you don’t have seeds to send, I thank you anyway. You have shared so much in knowledge and materials that I have received through your past kindness.

Randy Hughes

There has been some confusion as to which batches of seeds qualify as “open pollinated”. To simplify the matter, I have changed all of the eligible seed batches to red in the link.

Also, if you selected a batch that, say, only has 1 hip and it is already spoken for, you do not lose your position in line. I will simply drop down to your next choice, if that one is also gone, then to your next one, etc.

Today I caught up on mailing the current seed requests. If you do not receive your seeds within a reasonable number of days for first class delivery by the post office, please contact me. I hope no requests “fell through the cracks”.

There are still a lot of batches left. Some of the seeds are starting to germinate so do not wait too long to get your requests in. Also, when you receive your seeds please check for germinations as some of the batches have seed(s) that already have started to germinate.

Please do not apply the float test or you may be throwing out most of the seeds.

I am interested in:

(Heritage X Illusion). 2 open pollinated hips.

Heritage. 17 open pollinated hips.

Unknown rose from my mother. 3 open pollinated

Thank you,

Mary Gemmell

3128 SW Hume St.

Portland, Oregon 97219

I would love to try the “Unknown rose from my mother. 3 open pollinated hips.” Thanks!

Carole Christman

9084 Windjammer Drive

Tega Cay, SC 29708

I would like these if possibletetraploid sir thomas lipton x opgeorge vancouver x john daviscarefree sunshineillusionwill alderman hamburger phoenixhebe’s lipxopheritagepark director riggersparairie joyLucy Williams P.O. Box 62Beulah, MS38726

Thank you for the offer of seed to germinate some of your roses!

I am interested in those seeds from:

  1. The Darlow’s Enigma X OP

  2. The Hansa X (Therese Bugnet X OP)or that near combination

Please send to

Allison Strong

P O Box 758

Willis, TX 77378-0758

Many thanks for your kindness and generous sharing of your knowledge!


I will take what ever is left or doesn’t find a home. If you need postage please let me know.


Jerry Reedy

6720 Wesley Chapel Rd.

Chatham Il. 62629

Dear Henry:

I am interested in seeds from:

Carefree Beauty X Heritage

Carefree Wonder X Wm. Baffin

Poulsen’s White Border

—if any of these are left.

Many Thanks!

T. J. Bracken

1928 W. Greenfeaf Ave.

Chicago, IL 60626

I will accept requests from people who post here, but I prefer to receive the requests by e-mail. The reason being that a post here does not give the time of posting (only the day) so I do not know where to place a post from here in the priority list of those that sent in their requests by e-mail.

On the web page that lists the available seeds I have started to change the color of those batches that are no longer available from red to green. Of course this change is not instantaneous so the fact that a choice is red when you order it does not guarantee that it will be available when your turn comes up in the filling order.

Today I have caught up on the specific requests (not the send me anything left type requests). If yours does not come within a reasonable number of postal delivery days, please contact me.

Also, today I checked the actual remaining zip lock bags versus the posted list and corrected any errors.

I would like:

(unknown, lost tag, climber) . 1 small open pollinated hip.

Pink Meidiland. 20 open pollinated hip

Illusion. Very many open pollinated hips.

Carefree Sunshine. Many open pollinated hips

Lyla Rigsby

111 Rock Creek Ln

Mena Ar 71953

Hi; I’d be interested in the following, if still available:

Folksinger. 6 open pollinated hips

Leverkusen. 6 open pollinated hips

Rugelda. 1 open pollinated hip

Pink Meidiland. 20 open pollinated hips

and any others you’re looking to get rid of, particularly those of unusual colors- my rose garden’s short on variety :slight_smile:

Thanks very much- this is an extremely generous offer :slight_smile:

~Marcy Cornell

416 Greenridge Circle

Stone Mountain GA 30083

I have caught up again on the requests. I have also updated the master list as to which are still available (only those in red).

If you have already requested some and would now like some of those still available, please send a second request in (by e-mail).

Hi folks,

I know what I’m going to say isn’t about roses-- but it’s really important for you guys to know. Although many of us know each other, this board and its information is wide open for anyone in the world to see.

Post wisely-- email is better for this kind of transaction.

I am caught up with mailing all requests again. I also have updated the list as to what is left. It is getting time to start shelling my crosses so I am setting a final date for specific requests as Friday February 11. After that I will divide up what is left between those who have asked for what is left (these must be limited to U.S. requesters as I will send them in the hips).

There is one report that 13 of the seeds have germinated, see: