Free Basye's Amphidiploid seeds

I’ve germinated quite a few, and don’t need the rest (they are many). The seeds are stratisfied for three months already. Just need your address, and I’ll send it on Monday, and the postal service will pick them up and deliver them on Tuesday. Just send a buck to pay the postage.


Hi Enrique

I will try some of your seed. Email me and I will give you my address. Any idea what to expect from the seedlings? single once blooming fragrant? Randy

Hello, Enrique, if you have any Bayse’s seeds left, I would love to try to grow them. I am just starting out in this facinating hobby, and would like to try pollinating some roses this year, too. My roses are just starting to bloom. Please email me if you have any seeds you need to find a good home for, and maybe want to see how they do in Maine. Thank you, Joan

Hi Joan! Did you get any blooms on the seedlings you sprouted this year? I hope so.

My dog ate my Schneezwerg, but I foung some for sale at a local nursery.

I’m glad to hear you will be pollenating your own. Good luck to you.

Randy Hughes

Jeez… Let me try to remember where I put the rest. It isn’t where I left them where I remember.



If you were able to find them, I would also be interested in growing out the seeds. Email me. Thanks,



I cannot find them, but I will get some more when the hips turn red on the plant at SJHRG. That will be until October and November. Thanks,