'Fragrant Cloud' X Rosa carolina

If nothing catastrophic happens, I should get to see first bloom on the largest seedling plant from this cross. I’m seeing a few flower buds just starting to emerge at the tips of some lateral shoots. I’ll definitely post pictures when they open.

In all, I had four or five seedlings from this cross. Now it’s down to the large one I mentioned, and one other seedling (that has died to the ground and is now resprouting).

The large seedling is very similar to Rosa carolina in growth habit and foliage. I plan on pollinating every bloom I can with pollen of modern repeating roses (whichever Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, or Shrubs are blooming), hoping for some backcross fertility. I’m also hoping to get F2 plants that will repeat well. So far, it doesn’t appear that this F1 will be a repeater.