Found Seedlings

I have wondered from time to time, if seeds will germinate if left outside to the elements here in Minnesota. I have found the answer to that question and it is yes. Last week I found one seedling growing in my main rose garden and last night I found over twenty growing among my breeding stock. I found the one in my main garden between Carefree Beauty and Lilian Austin, but who knows if either are the parents. The twenty plus I found by my breeding stock could have come from three or four different plants. All of which have a high percentage of species or near species in them, so that may be why they germinated so well. All of the seedlings were growing in the shade of the larger plants, but I don

Might your seedlings have glauca in their backgrounds?

R. glauca produces many seedlings in this way.

At the other end of the climatic spectrum, Paul, I too have had spinossimima and rugosa self seed here in my zone 9B garden in Australia after one winter outdoors. So maybe roses don’t need very cold stratification either.

Spinosissima even rolls eyes


I used to religiously dead-head my roses until I got interested in the breeding aspect of them. So this time last year (late autumn) I had left some pink D.Austin rose to go the full distance with hip set, and I got one seedling growing by the late winter under the bush…I just left the hips drop and do as they pleased. It hadn’t flowered by the first three months, and I got rid of it…it looked like some lanky tall, very prickly rose seedling (equivalent USDA ~Zone 10 here).

Maybe this is a good year for found seedlings. I have 3 new seedlings at the bases of their ‘mother’ plants. The one under (and very much in the shade)Carefree Beauty has already bloomed, and it is the closest I have ever got to an identical twin of Carefree Beauty, but it seems healthier so far-no mildew yet. The oldest (up last fall but not yet blooming) is under Cherry Parfait, which I did not remove all the hips from. The leaves do not resemble Carefree Beauty but it sure is vigorous. The third is under Silver Star, and resembles her a lot, but has not bloomed either. I just discovered this one about 4 weeks ago,under 3’ tall weeds, so it may be only 5-6 weeks old, and it is in a very rabbit vulnerable area with no protection. The vigor of these volunteers almost make me want to try seeding in the ground, and then I remember the squirrels, mice, fruit rats, voles, etc., etc.



I’ve kept one of the spins and about 5-6 of the rugosa. None have flowered yet so it’s a bit early to tell whether I’ll keep them on or not. I had OP ‘Heritage’ seeds come up in the garden this year as well… was a horrible runty little plant that I have ignored hoping the critters will polish it off.