Fortune's Double Yellow

Asking a question for someone else here… question was regarding the fertility of Fortune’s Double Yellow and whether anyone has used it to some effect? HMF lists only four descendants so I am guessing it is either not of much use or of limited fertility.

Fortune’s Yellow is largely infertile as a female but highly fertile as a male. I have a crop of seedlings from 2007 that I am still maturing. Three have flowered, I await the other 25 or so next Spring. Results so far suggest this might be a parent worth exploring once again, using modern roses to mate it with.

I think that perhaps it wasn’t explored extensively because it bred a large percentage of once blooming climbers, which were considered of lesser value by the time people were practicing hand pollination.

In truth, we do not know if it is in anything modern. Noisettes, for example, were not exactly precise in their parental documentation.

I have a hunch that FDY parented a number of other roses, too. Looking at the very characteristic colour scheme and bloom form, likely candidates would be

  • L’Id

Paul, I am the person that Simon was talking about. My Fortune’s Double Yellow is blooming beautifully at the moment. I want to get some pollen from it but the anthers are drying out instead, its the first time I have tried doing this as I am new to breeding roses. How do you catch the pollen for this rose ?

I have read about using the nail polish. I have tried catching the pollen in a plastic bag. Next I will try catching it on a plate and also the nail remover.

Collect the anthers while they are fresh (get them just before the bud opens), spread them on a sheet of paper, and dump them into a small jar when they’re dry. Knock the jar against the heel of your hand, and see how much pollen is visible on the side of the jar.


What Peter said. The trick (if there is one) is to collect the anthers before the bloom is full open and dry then 24 hours in a safe, dry location. It should give you plenty of pollen.

Be aware that nearly all of the offspring will be once bloomers, and the few that aren’t won’t show their remontancy for a couple of years. Many will be pinks, but you will get some yellow/orange variations, maybe the occasional vermilion.

Best of luck!


Thanks Peter and Paul, I will try again tomorrow.

So you open the unopened buds, cut the anthers off with scissors onto paper, let dry for 24 hours and then put them into a jar and hit it as you said ?

Thanks Paul for advice about Fortune’s Double Yellow.

So you open the unopened buds, cut the anthers off with scissors onto paper, let dry for 24 hours and then put them into a jar and hit it as you said ?

Forget the scissors. Just use your fingers, gently grip the anthers and tug them off. Run the tip of your finger around to dislodge the stragglers. Stick them in a container and let them sit in the sun for a little while to dry out (but not in a place so hot that they will cook).

Thanks Don. Actually I am only just reading your post now but this morning I had a heap of buds but not much time to get the anthers off the buds. So I just pulled off the anthers with my fingers, very easy. I have them on paper waiting in a slightly opened unused microwave. Will see in the morning if I have pollen. I will try your later bit of the post too.

I got some pollen today, so thanks for all your help. I am doing some more tonight of Fortune’s Double Yellow and also Mme Gregoie Strechlin. My 9 year old is having a go at collecting pollen now too. She has already succeeded in grafting two Ingrid Bergmans.