For those who like singles

This is a Brite Eyes x ILC1-72-1 seedling coded BEILC on HMF. I’m not usually wild about singles but this one I like. So far it has excellent health. I’m going to keep it to use as a parent because of the lineage and because it has such good health.

I have several Apricot Drift x Thrive! seedlings that are single that I’ll post here as well. Some have a really nice orange/red blend and others are a deep red.

Pretty, Rob! It reminds me of Erfurt or Escapade.

It does. Thank you Kim.

I am, of course, predisposed to prefer singles as my newsletter demonstrates. Brite Eyes, a superior rose for health, vigor, fragrance, and profusion of bloom has rather muddled, confused form without any symmetry. Your seedling unfurls in a pleasant fashion, has a gorgeous contrasting white eye of some size, with attractive stamens and pistils, and looks relatively large. “Friends, Romans, countrymen” - send me your single-flowered roses - I’ll grow them and promote them.
Singularly Beautiful Roses - dedicated to preserving and promoting single, nearly single, and semi-double flowered roses.

Rob, yes, the rose is very attractive and I’d also be keeping it if it was one of my seedlings.

How tall is it? I love single climbers and pillars. Single roses can show off colours such are variegation. Your rose shows this off very well

Nice bloom and foliage there Rob. I personally love single roses. Stephen, we should talk!
Here are a few of my nicer single seedlings.

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jmarek, I apologise for not using your Christian name, I love the top and bottom flowers.
I have just found your Christian name in another post, Jukka.


I’m glad you like my Brite Eyes F1 seedling. The bloom is about the same size as Brite Eyes. I will contact you about BEILC. I’ll be posting some really nice first season blooms from an Apricot Drift x Thrive! seedlings soon. Maybe you will like some of those as well.


Thank you for the compliment.


Thank you. This is a second year plant and it’s about 18" x 12"


Thank you. You have some VERY beautifully colored singles there. Hulthemia hybrids?

Thanks Rob and David but it’s Joseph. :wink:
And yes, all of those seedlings come from hulthemia seedlings. Clearly no blotch came through on the sherbet colored seedling but it’s nice nonetheless. Most of my seedlings tend towards singles or semi-doubles at this point.


I particularly like the last one.

Sorry Joseph

Here is a first bloom on Whimsy x (Easy Going x Suzanne). I like the “star within a star” look.

Hi Rob,
I like your star single.
I like singles as in Sally Holmes and American Pillar.
I’ve been struggling to find a place for this pillar for sometime.
2016-06-29 09.01.41.jpg
2016-06-29 09.01.02.jpg

This seedling is not particularly healthy but I’ve saved it because of the unique white blotch. It’s seed parent is the Polyantha Britannia.
Britannia x (2).JPG

Thank you Chuck. I hope you find a good spot.


Your Britannia seedling does have great blotches. Very nice.

Here is one of several nice Apricot Drift x Thrive! seedlings. I love the color and form.

I haven’t seen ‘Hanseat’ for many years, but looking at the pictures on HMF today I noticed that some seem to show a halo, or at least a hint of one.

How timely! Here is the tail end bloom of a single that almost got dumped. But it withstood the heat spell we just went through so well and was the most colorful plant out there with 3 large clusters (5-7 flowers each) on a seedling that has been untouched by disease in a very disease prone yr. This still has a few buds but is past its’ prime. Will have to take a few more ‘beauty shots’ next bloom. Just potted it up so it might spend a little time building structure. This almost got dumped just because it was so far from what I expected out of it and until several weeks ago did not look like much although the foliage is decent.

very nice Jackie