For Henry Kuska: Distant Drums


Last year I recall you asking “does Distant Drums set seed?”. Well today I can answer the bigger question. Yes, it sets seed (OP and otherwise) and they germinate fairly well. I thought you’d like to know.



The skills of growing roses from seed are brand new to me this year, but Distant Drums has been quite an encouraging variety to start with.

Its (abundant!) OP seeds germinated quite well and fairly rapidly compared to the other varieties under trial. I have had a fairly high percentage of subsequent no-growth or die-off, but that may well be due to my errors in nurture. - Almost all my DD seedlings have very red/red-veined foliage.


I’m curious about this rose; a friend has recommended it.

DD is too prone to blackspot to grow in my no spray central Ohio garden, but it has many virtues: great fragrance; faster repeat than any other rose that I have ever seen; unique color.

Thanks Paul, Joel, Dee, and Dave. It appears Distant Drums may be a candidate for crosses with blackspot resistant roses that need more repeat flowering.

A 2006 DD X Carefree Sunshine is a nice double yellow that showed no blackspot last summer and repeated quickly.