Followup on “Scissors Order”

Arrived and as advertised. Nice lead from Roseseek. Pleased as smart design with multiple uses and very economical.

Got two pack option c/w larger micro scissors for hybridizing needs, fly fishing, fine thread work etc. (same country source). Like the stop on handle that can be used as an eye opener (for new tied fly hook glued eye - depending on hook size) .

Smaller scissors have curved blade l see maybe a potential use for fine circular cut apps. Might be useful for cutting just opening bloom.

Gold color that might show in photo is a reflection of table wood - really standard scissor steel color.


I’m glad you got them! I’ve tried the shorter ones and find the longer ones easier and more convenient for my hand size and needs. I know the vendor advertises you can cut wires with them but I watch what I use them for as they are light weight and can easily be sprung. Seriously, I would lay in a supply of several pair while they last. They are all made in Pakistan and much of that country has flooded and washed away. I would not at all be surprised to find them in quite short supply. Forewarned…