followup on Limoncello

A while back someone brought up some questions about Limoncello. I harvested about 5 OP hips back in October. Today I potted up almost 30 seedlings from those hips - can’t wait to see if there any good yellows among the bunch. For this area (Middle GA) it has proven to be if not quite immune to black spot, very tolerant.

Hi Hoy,

That’s good news - thanks for sharing!

I believe it was Pierre who initially inquired.

I have been very impressed with this plant – flowers very prolifically and has excellent health – but I have never had a hip set on mine, and the pollen has not been very easily obtained for me this year (i.e. anthers dry up without releasing any pollen). I am glad to hear you were able to get hips!

I did not have BS, nor any mildew on it, while several Drift roses suffered such. (To be fair, it could be a consequence of relative drought stress as the Drifts are in a dryer location.)

Here is a photo of the first of the OP ‘Limoncello’ seedlings to bloom. It was a bit of a surprise. A nearby ‘Citrus Splash’ may have provided pollen (?).

[attachment 1638 Limoncelloseedling.JPG]

That’s a rather startling result, Stephen. It will be interesting seeing how this one develops.

I tend to be suspect at JP rose attributes, but that is a pretty awesome seedling. I kinda hope it doesn’t get too double, personally. I think I might enjoy the more open display of striping in a single bloom for this one.

Does your Limoncello produce free pollen? Mine might just be a little drought stressed.


Indeed, that’s lovely! A plant covered in masses of blossoms like that would be a sight to see.

Stephen that is an interesting bloom.


Limoncello was pruned late this year and is just now producing its first blooms - I will pay particular attention to pollen production as it starts to bloom. It is located at the foot of a huge purple-leafed lorapetalum that shades it for several hours a day, it looks very happily situated. The hips I harvested were found on the interior of the plant, blooms from earlier in our season I suppose.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed, Stephen. I’m really wanting to work with this rose.

I’m not familiar with Citrus Splash, but I have to say that if you get anything approaching Limoncello’s floriferousness and disease-resistance, you may have a winner in that seedling. Keep us posted on its development if you will.