(Folksinger X Illusion) X R15 now has a name


According to my “old” memory, I have not received any reports of how its pollen has done.

I plan on having pollen available again this year, but only after I get some pictures of the plant in full bloom.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=2.63229.0

Henry, it’s too late for me to receive pollen here. This seedling always caught my eye when seen in groups of your other seedlings in the past. It’s a beauty.

I’ll be curious to hear reports as to fertility.


You sent me some pollen of (Folksinger X Illusion) X R15 last summer, and I had only a few usable candidates at that time, so I used it on three different roses and two of the roses set hips and produced seed. Right now I have two that are blooming, with several more to bloom in the next 2-3 weeks. They have produced dbl, pale peach to shell pink flowers so far, with one showing some orange (next to bloom). So the pollen is definitely fertile, and most of the offspring are vigorous and healthy. I am having a problem posting the one good photo of the peach one, but maybe I can fix that later.

Both this one and Yellow Alzbeta Kuska are beautiful. Thanks for the reply on the name. Hopefully if I ever have to say it I will not butcher it too bad. I still have problems with Jim Sprouls last name as I am sure others would have problems with mine.

I did get some pollen last year but it came in the mail damp and was brown in color. I tried it anyways just because it was so beautiful and its parentage suggest it could be a great parent but it was a fertile as it looked:(

Hi Henry, the pollen that you sent me last year is still in the freezer. we had such a terrible year crossing wise up here that I did not want to waste it on so so pollinations. I am definitely going to use it this year and I’ll let you know what comes from it.


Here is a photo of one of my seedlings-just blooming.