Folksinger X Dortman seedling

The link below is a picture of a winter 2004 Folksinger X Dortman seedling that has produced 3 flowers in April. The first flower seems to be forming a seed pod.


Awesome! :slight_smile: Dortmund has always been one of my favorites.

Question: Would you allow a seedling that small to attempt to set seed? I would be scared it would be too much of an energy sink for such a small plant.

Joseph Tychonievich

Joseph, you are probably right; but I am going to let it try to set seed anyway.

Another round of flowers has started. I updated the provided link with another picture taken today. The first hip is still growing.


September 11, 2004 and still blooming (I updated the link)!


Dortmund has been really fun to work with. I have 2 non-climbing hybrids (I toss the climbers…dont have the space). One with Circus and one with Playboy. Oddly enough, the Circus hybrid is healthier. The Dortman x Circus hybrid produces tons and tons of little orange hips on a 2’ x 2’ plant. Other one is too young to tell. I wish I knew the other half of the Dortmund parentage. Im guessing one of Kordes Polyantha, Hybrid Musk or Poly/Musk mixes. Anyhow! seems something it dwarf in it. I think Im done playing with

Yes, I’ve gotten dwarf seedlings from it as well.