First Germination!

Wow, already had my first germination for the 2011-2012 season. Loving Touch x Dr. John Dickman was pollinated 4/22, picked 8/26, soaked in bromelain 24 hours, warm stratified 3 days and into the fridge 8/30. Loving Touch has nice form, is very floriferous, has a nicely shaped bush, and is mildew proof (at least in my garden, so I’m hoping she will pass on some of these traits to Dr. JD. It would be so nice to have his form and color with a few more petals.

That’s great Judity! I haven’t even gotten my seeds into the fridge yet. Good luck with your crosses.

Congrats, Judy! Sounds like a pretty combo. Hope you get lovely babies!

Mazel tov!

This shows the very diverse cliamatic conditions we have here. The hips I have won’t be harvested for another month!

John, mine have been complete and refrigerated for nearly a month. Today is our first real “rain” of the season, but by Friday, they’re forecasting 89 degrees. Too early to plant for at least six weeks. Kim

Well, the little seedling is growing nicely so far. No additional germinations from that batch yet.

Though our summers are killer here in Tucson, we’re lucky to not have to worry about when germination occurs here otherwise. We have about a 6 week pollination window in March/April/May, harvest August/September, then seeds are removed anytime. Winter days are mild with lots of sun, but nights can be pretty cold, so I move the little pots indoors if it is going below freezing.