First Cl


This is my first flowering seedling of a string seedlings from a Cl

wow, thanks for sharing.

That is nice. Congratulations Bo.

Very pretty, and you certainly know how to frame a rose in a photo; are those forget me nots?

Nice combo! I see that it retained the CG foliage.

Is CG available stateside?

Lovely seedling. I have wanted to go back to Clare G. and see what she yields crossed with some modern landscapers.

Very nice seedling Bo, with great color!

Jim Sproul

Philip, Clare isn’t available to the US-- but it will, if I remember right…

there’s my post from years ago that tracks the whole search for Clare.

I’m still interested in Clare, even if I don’t have space… it’s been years since I’ve searched.

Thanks for all replies everyone!

The seedling is still in a pot inside, but I took it outside to frame it in a more natural environment.

The foliage it a bit more dark green than CG, but it is difficult to see in this picture Jadae.

There are two more seedlings from the same cross with buds now, and some more to follow later I hope. 9 out of 10 seed had germinated. So it will be interesting to see how they all develop.


Too bad CG is not available here, the foliage on that seedling looks superb. We have Chinatown here and it is wonderfully fragrant but it is susceptible to blackspot.

Bo, nice seedling! Love the color and form.

Jon, my CG is somewhat susceptible to blackspot too. I’m not so enthusiastic about it. The plant isn’t what I expected from the reported parents. It looks like a regular floribunda. It was probably something new back in it’s days, but it seems to be surpassed by floribundas with a more stable yellow color, better disease resistance, repeat and growth habit. Maybe it will get better with age or maybe it is an exceptional breeder. But I think I prefer using newer floribundas as parents.


I think breeders like Kordes and Dickson, and eventually Scrivens, (I think CG is the forerunner of the Bright Smile line) bred the blackspot out of this line in regards to current cultivars, but I think that CG could still offer even more. So, I am glad you are getting to use it.

Friesinger Morgenrote, which is bred from Lichonwhatever Lucia, is one of the most beautiful climbers I have even seen in my entire life. When I grew it, I grew it as a pillar much like I did with Autumn Sunset. The colors, proper amount of growth, vigor and amount of bloom was amazing. And then there was the blackspot issue… Friesinger Morgenrote probably would have been as popular as Westerland had it not been for this issue.

Rob, yes it also got BS the first year I got it, but still I think it’s not just a regular floribunda especially due to its uncommon genes. I am sure it will have a lot more to offer than we have seen so far, perhaps not in the yellow color but surely in hardiness and disease resistance I think.

Anyway I will use every year and see if any useful seedlings show up. One think I have already notes is, that it is a great seed and pollen parent!

Jadae I don

note the similarity in foliage.

Here is the next flowering Cl

Love the color on this one Bo.


Yeah nice salmon tones, and nice leaves too - hope they stay that way for you.

No 3 from the cross CG x Alexander have Cl