Fimbriata pollen available

Frimbriata grows at the Heritage Garden at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT. The plant is about five feet tall, about three feet wide and in good health - not a bit of disease. It is just coming into bloom and I collected a small amount of pollen. I will be getting some more and am happy to share it.

don at holeman dot org.

Digging up the past a bit… Don, did you manage to get any takes from ‘Fimbriata’ pollen?

Hi Simon!

Fimbriata is for sure fertile via pollen. I did a few hips with a tricky seed parent this year and there are at least a few seeds left.

It behaved nearly as fertile as some polyanthas used the same way, if I compare the outcome.


Rosa rugosa Thunb. x Madame Alfred Carri

Yeah, I would assume rugosa x noisette hybrids would have superior results than rugosa x tea crosses. rugosa x china or rugosa x polyantha crosses are often very “hard” looking (and scentless). I think there may be some more elegant polyantha types that have some grace and fragrance that would lend well when crossed with rugosa, though.

btw, it seems possible that MAC could be a noisette/boubon hybrid.


I just checked through my notes and don’t have a record of any successful crosses with it. The plant was removed from Elizabeth Park during ‘renovation’ of their small heritage garden so I didn’t get to use it at all last season.

Sorry for that Don,

may I ask you if you tried the pollen on diploid or tetraploid seed parents?

My few crossings from this year where I used Fimbriata pollen where all done on a diploid species cultivar.

Perhaps that is different, if one uses tetraploid seed parents e.g. like modern hybrid roses.



In autumn 2009 I collected 12 hips(op) of Fimbriata. They gave me just one single seed. It has not germinated until now.

At the same time and location I also took op hips from Therese Bugnet. TB produces plenty of seed that germinates easily. As I had to many seedlings this year I gave away most of them.

My specimen of TB is very healthy. I decided not to breed a lot with it, because long rainy spells make the flowers ball and it is also a bit reluctant with repeat flowering.

“TB produces plenty of seed that germinates easily”

Hi Ulrike,

nice to hear that, I will make crossings of

Therese Bugnet x (Rosa rugosa var. alba x Rosa beggeriana)

next season.

If its really diploid that should fit perfectly to a rose out of the cinnamomea section, like Therese Bugnet is.