Fertility of 'Mrs. Anthony Waterer'

One of the last roses Percy Wright developed was ‘Augusta’, a Rugosa hybrid. It received that name because it repeated its bloom well in the month of August. It’s a beautiful rose with large, semi-double pink flowers. The only fault is that the flowers have weak necks. It nearly became extinct and would be if I hadn’t sent a plant to the Montreal Botanical Gardens around 1990. Mr. Wright claimed the parentage of this rose was ‘Hansa’ x ‘Mrs. Anthony Waterer’. Why has no one else worked with ‘Mrs. Anthony Waterer’? This cultivar must lack fertility as a pistillate parent and also lack pollen viability. Given its parentage I can understand why. Who has any experience with it and can enlighten me? Does it ever set open pollinated hips?

No personal experience with the rose Mrs. Anthony Waterer but Botanica’s Roses states that it does not set hips.

My Mrs. Anthony Waterer(older bush) do not set OP fruits. I Do not know about its pollen fertility.