Fertility of Linda Campbell

I’ve discovered that the huge red climber/shrub planted by my workplace is not Rubusta, but Linda Campbell. I found the little name buried in the dirt. Very lovely, and I should had guessed that it was Linda Campbell. I did take a few flowers, only three, since there were so much. Since I have only limited supply of pollen, I would like to know if it is fertile (possibly not). Has anyone had success with her? Any OP hips on it during the fall? Thanks,


Ralph Moore told me via email that they have never gotten anything from Linda Campbell either way.

I still wouldn’t avoid trying it, what have you got to lose?


Thanks, Randy. That’s right, what do I have to lose? I’m going to mix it up with the pollen of Dresden Doll and pollinate it on Livin’ Easy. If I get mossed seedling-- Dresden Doll… If I get rugosa like seedlings-- then what a suprise. Thanks,


Hey Enrique,

I thought that you were careful about cleaning your hands off between pollinations, and now you are mixing them!



I used to be very careful about being meticulous with pollen. I wanted to be certain that the cross I intended had occurred. I’ve been reevaluating this practice for several reasons. Primarily…the laziness factor. But also, I have seen several references lately, to difficult hybrids being achieved by mixing of a little compatible pollen with the not-so-compatible. I tried this method with some iris crosses last season, but have yet to germinate the seeds. Anyway, maybe Enrique’s Dresden Doll pollen might help the Linda Campbell pollen in some way. I know it’s a long shot, but…