Vintage Gardens had their final band sale the other day. Remaining roses are on the web site, all at $20 each, plus tax and shipping. What surprised me is there are only two species. One of which is Fedtschenkoana.

OK, thanks Kim. I ordered one. And a Rose du Roi. The fed. seedlings you gave me are growing well, but I thought it would be good to have another phenotype.

I just ordered it too. Hopefully there will be enough for both of us Joe. Also got a few other varieties I thought worth trying here that are not available elsewhere. We’ll see what I get.

Good, I’m glad! Fedtschenkoana has so bloody seldom been available commercially, it HAD to find a good home. I figured if anyone may be interested, it HAD to be someone here. Thanks.

Just got my confirmation for my order from Vintage Gardens and as luck would have it, R. fed. was all gone. So the wait continues. I might just have to wait until I move to my next place in a few years (then I can let it go wild). I did get Nouveau Vulcain, Andrewsii (the spinossissima), and a few older Fls, HTs and climbing HTs I wanted to grow and maybe play with.

Andre, I wrote to them and offered up my fedtschenkoana to you if they haven’t shipped yet. I have two OP fed. seedlings that Kim sent me that are taking hold well, and I just wanted another. I said if it was too much bother I’d still take it.

Thanks Joe. It really wasn’t necessary for you to do that, I just needed to be quicker on the draw so to speak. But I really do appreciate you writing them and offering to have them send it to me. I had two alternatives that they are going to send me anyway too. I was scheduled to have my order sent next Monday, but I will be on vacation so I had them delay it another week. We’ll see what happens.