Favoured Coffee and Cigar Spot this Morning

Enjoyable spot while Ruths in bloom for morning coffee before crossing begins.

By Wright and claimed Mary L Evans (Hybrid Macounii, Hybrid Rugosa) x Alika.

Structured by short pruning near ground Ruth and leaving background tall. Window rosé is Lillian Gibson and to its left is Prairie Youth. L83 behind fountain and start of bloom. Nuits d Young restarting under obelisk after winter kill.

Any ways nice spot and tells the oldies sure got an ability to work in landscaping … just a short bloom period.

Ruth crosses completed with a found Finn rose thats extremely vigorous - “ 'Olkkala” - read pink single - large bloom - turbinate - to my eyes a species.

Also added million $ show stopper bloom from Mon Amie Claire this morning - never seen a stunner from her before though prodigious bloom. Interestingly by afternoon pink “eye” diffuses into blushing entire bloom. Be something to freeze as eye.

MAC 1 morning later

And last thread photo of my crossing focus this week “Olkkala” a Finnish found rose classified by vendor under gallica.

This rose give strong natural and heritage vibs of being right rose in right climate, but planted in wrong garden spot - in mainly seedlings and tender test bed (south facing bay window plot). Its going to go large for here. Over 3 feet after first winter. Protected by my default rule for unknown gallicas performance. Cuttings need to be taken to put in right spot. Testing if strong potential as seed parent.

I lied but this last shot and of coffee spot from different angle … M6910 starting and L83 well on its way. Trying to get enthusiastic about crossing 6910 for excellent red … been tough though others have succeeded. Might try on Olkkala.


Would this Ruth still be available in Europe? Looks like a nice rose to cross with. Lots of strong species in its parentage. My wife’s called Ruth. I’d love to acquire it.

Hi Karel,

It looks like Knud lists it in Rosenposten inventory. I got mine from a Canadian vendor and European and Canadian roses from Knud’s Rosenposten import.

It grows to a very large rose for here if left to its own will. I have no problem pruning it to size for spot they are in.

This is the first year l have been trying its pollen. Due to challenges with alika as seed parent l only will use it as pollen to try get a double on cross with Olkkala.

Regards Riku


Such beautiful stippling/blushing on Mon Ami Claire! I’m jealous–I haven’t even managed to get Paula Vapelle. I did get a similar effect on a (single-flowered) seedling of Doorenbos Selection that was likely pollinated by Harison’s Yellow. I wish that I understood how that trait can be promoted though breeding, although it certainly seems to happen most frequently in roses with significant Sect. Rosa (Cinnamoeae) and Pimpinellifoliae background.

That “Olkkala” has a strong R. pendulina/R. gallica (Agathe) heritage, for sure. I like the idea of crossing it with Morden 6910. The latter is a rose that has not fared well for me here thus far, but I’ve been able to get it to live long enough to collect pollen, which I’m probably now slightly desecrating by placing on more tender seed parents that could provide better disease resistance.


I clicked on this topic fully expecting to see two new roses named “Favored Coffee” and “Cigar Spot” :wink:

In the works Don, great names idea, though think market might be limited … though protected Baronne Prevost bloomed this morning so might have to focus for awhile on “Gauloises Espresso Cafe Glam”.

Though based on yesterday fly fishing “safe” encounter may select “Dark Grizzly Visions” as a name for product of “rugosa x Manning’s


Yipes! I hope they don’t have an appetite for roses!

Not that l know of until aciccularis hips form.

This time of year just out of Mountain winter dens and down in the valley’s. Go to road corridors sides to munch on dandelions. Even wild life highway safe corridor high fences along the Banff -Kootenay NP trans Canada highway are not a barrier - some have learned to climb them to get at dandelions. Also came across very thin black bear and mountain sheep/big horn rams in the Kananaskas area route 40.

All my adult sons and l carry bear spray when we go fly fishing. Strongest domestic commercial and sign for it when bought. Think 0.9 to 1% capsaicin (treated red pepper oil et al).

So what cigar will be smoked today? Cuban or Dominican?

Hi TimoNL

Prior to graduating into the fixed income Federal Pension, thoroughly enjoyed the mild Cuban “Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial” - short version - think 50 ring size.

But in truth anything made from leaf from Pinar del Rio province is/was tried - eg “Cuban grown leaf” in Partagas, Cohibas, Monti Cristos etc. when seized by the grand feeling. But at treat time it always “La Hoyo” thats looked for.

Now its remain “on budget” - even tried Mediterranean made cigars - not sure of the origins.

Today will be a non-indulgence day as the heat wave finally broke after weeks and it appears the June “monsoons” period may have started - knocks the fires down and stops the crisping of the rose blooms

Hoyo is a great brand.:+1:Ramon Allones and Vegas Robaina are my favorite brands. Ramon Allones Especially Selected and the Vegas Robaina Famosos where in my humidor always.

Hi TimoNL

Txs for tip.

The specialist l favour has both (claims largest combined humidor area in country) - only carries the real thing - but gets frustrated with roll QA - so he checks everyone before selling - nothing sets me off faster than a bad roll for the cost - refuse to bore out. I like the “sweat aged ones”.

Going to give test singles a try when next pension cheque in. Treat time.


Post Script

Didn’t have to dip into pension … Father’s Day sons surprised me with both x2 while fly fishing. Enjoyed them on the Eastern Slope at one their secret river holes. Gads could see the big Bulls and Rainbow trout. Aciccularis just blooming. Though got punished for the all the pleasures as snap tip off my Orvis Helios 3D - no didn’t land it - a big foot the cause.

Coffee Spot this morning … why again???

To show off performance of R. Siever’s “Northern Yellow” under Ruth.

Not protected anymore (last 2 winters) and 3 years in front garden (import from rosenposten) and starting to perform in year 3. Large blooms by my standards. Nice mild fragrance.-

Of course, HMF giving it as a hybrid gallica, and numerous other inputs, caught my eye and sets the bar high for my “hybrid” northern gallica efforts …

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