Fall Newsletter is in the Mail

The Fall newsletter was put in the mail today. Watch your mailboxes in the next few days. While you are waiting for this issue, consider taking the time to write an article for the Winter issue. The deadline for articles is December 20th. The Symposium topic is Growing Seedlings: Selecting the Best Growing Medium. Help our editor, Peter Harris, by submitting articles. He will help put them in form as necessary. Write right now while you are thinking about it!

The newsletter had arrived to Denmark today! Great reading as always! Thanks.

The CD will take a bit longer to get through, but what an exceptional reference it is. Nothing else really comes near it! Superb work. Thanks to all, who were involved in doing this masterpiece!!!



A round of applause to all who contributed to or worked on the Fall Newsletter.

Larry Davis’ article on linkage made sense even to someone like me who knows nothing about genetics.

Ann’s Tenn garden must contain a lot of interesting plants; RHA should tour it sometime.

Paul Olsen’s friends working in Z2-3 are a heroic bunch; Z5 seems like a tough climate to me.


DC must have an awful postal system - I can’t believe they got it in Denmark first! Oh, well :slight_smile: