Fall 2008 Newsletter--Call for articles, notes, questions, s

Please send me your articles, notes, questions, and short autobiographical sketches for the Fall 2008 issue of the RHA Newsletter.

Maybe some of you have already written stuff to send in, so please go ahead and send that now. And if you haven’t written anything yet, go ahead and write something so you can share your experience(s) with others and we can all learn from each other.

The announced symposium topics for the fall Newsletter:

Beginner’s Luck.

One member specifically asked for discussion of seedling care–for insights, techniques, short cuts, and tips on first-year seedling care. How do you water your hundreds or thousands of seedlings, how often you feed them, and with what? At what point do you transplant them from a seedling mixture into regular potting soil or earth.

Anything else that might be useful to a beginner–or something that you learned as a beginner–is also OK, but discussion of this topic was requested. I’m sure almost everyone can give some input on this subject.

My Best Parents for the Cleanest Seedlings.

You may write about the best parent(s) for a particular class of roses–HT, Grandiflora, Floribunda, Miniature, Shrub, etc, or color of roses if you wish. What you say may be based on personal experience or on research into the varieties which seem to have consistently “clean” seedlings.

Please remember that this is your Newsletter. I will try to get it published on time (September 1 is the approximate publication date for the fall issue), but as always I need your help in the form of stuff I can publish. I’m always willing to work with you on an article, but we all need your ideas, so please share those ideas.

If you get your articles to me within the next 10 days, by August 25, I’ll let you have Labor Day off. Is that a good deal?

One further note–

At present we don’t have a sponsor for the color cover that makes our Newsletter attractive and adds to what we get from some of the articles. If you have been thinking about sponsoring a cover to share one of your seedlings or illustrate some part of your breeding program, this would be a good time. Please get in touch with me at peter.harris.g/use the AT symbol/gmail.com.


Just a reminder to send in your Newsletter contributions. I’ve received 4 articles so far, and I thank those who sent them. However, the issue is far from complete–there is room for your article or other contribution.

I’d hoped to have enough material by now so tha Newsletter could be mailed to you no later than the second week of September. It’s still possible, but unless I get more material soon, the Newsletter will arrive later than I’d planned. It’s up to you.

Please do your share–and share your knowledge and experience.


If you are forgetful, now (you know–this weekend) would be a really good time to send that article you’ve been intending to send.

At least 6 pages of the Newsletter are empty, so please send what you’ve written, or write and send what you’ve been intending to share with us. Any topic is OK, but my first post (above) lists some topics members have requested. If you’ll send your contribution this weekend, I’ll send the issue to press this coming week.

Please do your share. This is your newsletter.


Thanks Peter for all of your great work on the Newsletter!

Yes, please share any thought or idea that has hit you as you have been caring for your roses/seedlings/parent plants. Even ideas that have been shared here on the Forum could be shared in the Newsletter since many in RHA do not frequent this site. I am sure that a paragraph or two describing any of the above would be helpful to someone.

Jim Sproul

Hi Peter

What is the latest deadline for a short article for the newsletter? :slight_smile:



Peter, please watch your mailbox.