Fakir's Delight

I’ve been interested in that rose but I wonder if anyone has some experiance with that rose. I would like to use it but I don’t have much room…

If I hear positive feedback, I will purchase this rose. If not-- then it will be something I will buy in the future soley as a decorative plant.

It gets big and the growth habit is very ungainly but there is nothing else quite like it.

Enrique, this is a collector’s rose in my opinion and as Robert suggests, needs some room. It is very interesting, but I haven’t made any crosses with it. If I were to make crosses, I would probably use a smaller compact mini to tone down the plant habit - just my two cents!

Jim Sproul

It seems to me there would be few reasons to use it unless one were trying to make mossed climbers.

I love the flowers–

And I think it could produce something interesting if it was crossed with Scarlet Moss.

Both of them are very disease resistant.

And both have very beautiful foilage.

Sounds like a great cross Enrique!

I tried using it as a female parent last year. It was a small plant in a 2 gal pot in my greenhouse. I pollinated several flowers, but got no seeds. I didn’t try it as a male. I thought the buds where beautiful.

Roger Mitchell, Big Rapids, MN, zone 5.

Use it as a male parent, since what few seeds you get from it do not germinate well. It will dilute the color of anything you cross it with, so expect nothing darker than a light red, and lots of fast fading pastels. It also tends (as does Out of Yesteryear) to generate a high percentage of once bloomers, regardless of the other parent’s floriferousness. Still, it can pass on mossing and vigor, so give it a try.


Thank’s Paul…

Seems like the decendants of Muriel leaves its mark on its seedlings for several generations.

I think I will get Muriel just so I can cross it with Scarlet Moss. Maybe. In the future. It’s a beautiful rose.

Enrique, this post gave me the idea to do a cross this morning that I wouldn’t have otherwise done. And John Moe would like this one - an elephant crossed with a flea!

I used ‘Fakir’s Delight’ pollen on one of my very smallest mini seed parents - it is very good at setting hips, so hopefully these will “take”. It will be interesting to see the outcome…

Jim Sproul

Good to know that this post has served you, Jim.

My aunt has New Dawn and I’ve been trying to use it on Cinderella Gold but it seems that none of the crosses took.

There’s lots of good things that comes from combining very healthy and vigorous climbers with miniature roses. I think that R. kordesii, which I have, could be used completely differently-- creating very glossy leaved minis.

That was one approach I thought I would take with Persian Sunset this spring (but-- the weather, and it’s still small…)

Although I did cross its pollen on kordesii.

Ive always been amazed that kordesii was never used in minis a long time ago. Dortmund is the closest thing and you either get mildew magnets or spotless on those seedlings. Kordesii seems like it would have been less hassle.

On a related note, I ordered Ilse Krohn Superior this winter. It is growing now and I see a spot of mildew on it. It’s on new growth, and in a dense area, but… Sigh… I bet it will be like working with Dortmund where I have to weed out a lot of junk seedlings for mildew first.

I got kordesii this Spring. Every hip I tried set. The plant isn’t anything fantastic so far and the repeat hasn’t been good either. It sure is prickly.

The first year I started working with Dortmund I grew a large batch of OP seedlings and selected out two that I liked for registration. I was shocked to find mildew on ‘Rancho Mirage’ this Spring. It had never shown any sign until year four. I’m seriously considering rescinding registration.

Rancho Mirage does have gorgeous foliage. The blossoms are ruffled and last forever in heat. It’s a very compact grower in a strong red color and in fairness it was very crowded together with others when it developed mildew. Still it was a great disappointment.

The seedling I named ‘Palm Springs’ seems better as I’ve never noted a spot of mildew.

I got a fairly nice seedling using ‘Rancho Mirage’ pollen on ‘Riverbanks’ last season.

I guess we got kind of far afield off the topic of this thread?

I would never use ‘Fakir’s Delight’. I hate prickles and the growth habit is incredibly awkward. It IS an interesting oddity however.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=50067&tab=1

Unusual it is, but I am interested in the cleanliness of FD. Hopefully, my mini seedling would exert some control over its awkward habit. At least that is my goal!

Regarding powdery mildew - I noticed it for the first time this year on ‘Henry Fonda’. Previously it had always been completely free of it.

Jim Sproul

I noticed PM on Henry Fonda this season too Jim. I was very disappointed to say the least. The crosses I made using it involve strong disease resistance so I will continue to be optimistic for now.

I honestly think PM is evolving to outwit our efforts.

My favorite Hybrid Bracteata for cleanliness and desireable growth habit is ‘Star Dust’.

Star Dust sets hips but seed doesn’t germinate. One has to look for pollen. It is there in limited quantities.

I had good hip set using the pollen on Riverbanks last season but for all my effort I only got four seedlings to live and flower. A large number of seedlings died shortly after germination.

I suspect I would have gotten better results using Star Dust pollen on a tetraploid seed parent.

Upon reading this thread, I had to go out and collect pollen from mine. I had a bud at a perfect stage for this.

I wonder what it would do with “secret recipe” mini?



Marleah, ‘Secret Recipe’ won’t likely set hips. I’d use it on ‘Rose Gilardi’ instead.




Thanks for the insight and helpful hint… you saved me from wasting my time :slight_smile: