Eyeconic Hulthemia-hybrid in Europe?


In a german garden online-shop I saw the Hulthemia Eyeconic. Is this one of Jim Sprouls roses?

Look at here:http://www.poetschke.de/Rose-Eyeconic-R---189d1a217646.html?query=eyeon

They say Eyeconic is the first rose of Hulthemia-Hybrids. I think they don`t know Tigris, E4you, Persian Sunset …



Thats two plants of Eyeconic Lemonade stacked on one another.

Hi Andrea,

Actually, that does not look like ‘Eyeconic Lemonade’ to me. The color combination is right, but the plant doesn’t look right and the blooms are different. And you are right, ‘Tigris’ came on the scene many years before any of the newer repeat blooming Hulthemia/Persicas. Marketers will say anything (to their defense, it is often out of ignorance).

This might be a new Meilland variety - looking for confirmation. It appears quite floriferous.

It has that Baby Love foliage, whatever it is. What struck me odd, though, was that the plant makes two unique rounded shapes. I wondered if it was a low-grafted double tree rose.

It certainly looks like it. Ralph had a Tigris standard he created like that which he used for pollinating. It makes a pretty statement.

This is a new Hulthemia seedling from Meilland that they are introducing in 2013. It is not one of Jim’s seedlings, but from their own Hulthemia breeding. It is a miniclimber, as illustrated on the picture. We should receive it for trials at Conard-Pyle this year. They can do that since they own the Trademark Eyeconic(r) in Europe as part of their agreement with us.

Thank you Jacques. Too bad someone hasn’t given them the thought that Eyeconic should be their series name for the Hulthemias as it is yours, instead of the name for that specific rose. They are boxing themselves in.

Nice looking plant, thats all I would say on this matter but, on the word “Eyeconic” can either / or Jim, Jacques and Kim answer this. Who owns the word “Eyeconic”

From what Jacques said in an earlier post, Conard Pyle does. They have a business relationship with Meilland (Star Meilland) which gives Meilland rights to use Eyeconic.

If rose photography is anything like food photography, the rose in the photograph could be anything or a combination of many things. It surely didn’t grow that way on its own.

Well, it probably wouldn’t in the “average garden”, but in a greenhouse, kept sprayed and groomed until its “porn shots”, it probably did.

Hi Andrea,

I’m checking with our agent in Germany who photoshopped (I should say photo-killed) that picture. One thing I’m sure of, it’s me who took that picture in the backward of our house in Antibes, France.

Two plants was brung by myself from our Rose Nusery near Lyon in Lafayette.

The original picture can be seen here (and It looks already nice to me) : Rosier Grimpant EYECONIC ® Meipouzmoi, Vente en ligne de rosiers grimpants Meilland Richardier

As far as “finishing” the plant for the shooting, It was done by ourselves, with water and care. I took off some blooms so they come all together for the “show” in an harmonious way.

The parentage of the variety is going back to an old Hultemia we still have in the garden, used in small quantities each years by my aunt (Michele Meilland Richardier) back in the 90’s and continued by the research team at Meilland.

Jim’s varieties are under evaluation all over Europe in our test fields. Jim and Jacques are aware of it. We showed two of them at the Monaco 2012 Rose trial, and they looked very beautiful. I also have it in our test garden of Antibes and they perform well under these conditions.

I’ll update you on the subject if you’d like to.

Matthias Meilland

Ps : This is my first post on RHA, but i’ve been following you since Warren told me about it at Sanya in China. I (re) started breeding a couple of years ago, which I was doing with my Gramma Manou Meilland when I was 7 to 10 year old. Hoping to have a great time talking and reading about breeding.

Matthias comment allez-vous ces jours-ci, je l’espère bien. Have not heard from you for a while or since Sanya, I see you have busy.

Warren, it has been a wonderful year since we’ve met. I’ve worked a lot to catch up as we talked about. Hope we will meet soon, maybe in the next WFRS world convention in Lyon 2015… Or maybe sooner.

All the best.

Hi Matthias,

its an interesting story about your hulthemias. It will great if you will update me about this story. \ \ I have Eyeconic and I propagated it on Inermis because our winter will be cold. Often we have frost without snow. Some roses dont like this.


Hi Matthias,

Great to see you here on the RHA Forum!

I hope to go to the WFRS World Convention in Lyon in 2015. It would be a great opportunity to see the House of Meilland Roses then. Next week I will be going to the VI International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation in Hannover Germany. Will you and/or your father be going? Looks like it should be a great time.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the message.

I hope you will be at Lyon 2015 for the 17th World Convention of Roses Societies. It should be quite a show, Lyon being proud of its past as a rose breeding town.

Of course, Alain and I will both be at Hannover for the Symposium, and we are hoping for a great one.

We will see you there.