Extra rose hips-Carefree Beauty,Wing Ding, Rte 66

I have a lot of OP rose hips that would make good beginner stratifying and sprouting experience and if you get that far, beginner seedlings. Also Ebb Tide, Moondance, Midas Touch, Queen Elizabeth. I have more successful crosses than I (if I had room it would be great to plant some more-but I’m going to be semi-reasonable) Send me an e-mail-some of these contain only 2-3 seeds, but some a lot. Last year I sprouted some of these and I think I regretted mistakes less knowing that I was only going through chinchilla treats. And it was a great learning experience. Jackie


I do not mind OP hips at all, always welcome new seeds to play with.No mtter how many I can tag in a year I get about that many that are op anyways. Please contact me at lookin4you2xist at gmail dot com …the email tab wasn’t working for you.