Extra Mini

In assessing my one year old seedlings in the field that have survived a Zone 4 winter, I have one that is only 4 inches tall. It is very bushy with many mini leaves but no flowers yet. It is an op Henry Kelsey. Several of its sister seedlings were small, but not as full and compact. Does this “extra miniature” type seedling come up often in large plantings of same-plant seeds? I’ve been considering digging it up and potting it, but feel that the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” may apply.

Ralph Moore has suggested these types of seedlings can occur spontaneously. I believe they do.

Why not just try a few very tiny cuttings so as not to risk the Mother plant?

I’ve occasionally had luck budding even very tiny material.

Thanks for the info, Robert. I hadn’t even considered taking cuttings. I’m real curious to see if it flowers this year.



Hi Paul - What are the flowering characteristics of your “extra” mini plants? How old are they? I too was thinking of the possibilities of hardier minis with this plant, even though my goals are for extra large extra hardy climbers. It’s funny to see this teeny plant among it’s 4’+ tall sisters.

I’ve had good luck over wintering with no extra protection some mini’s in my Zone 4 garden: Softee, Judy Fischer, Green Ice, Purple Chariot, Toy Clown, Stars and Stripes. Some of these plants are 5 years in the ground. I purchased them from QVC of all places during their spring Cottage Farms gardening shows.

Good luck with the PM. We’re having an extraordinarily good growing this year in Maine, very few pests and no blackspot - yet.


Hi Lori,

Thanks for the tip on which minis to try. It