experience with Louis Riel ?

My beautiful Louis Riel is showing buds after the second year. Does anyone have experience with this rose as a parent either way? Methinks there’s been some grumbling about difficulty germinating op seeds.

Although ‘Louis Riel’ self-pollinates very well, it is a poor pistillate parent. It isn’t very receptive to foreign pollen. Try using it as a staminate parent.

I got a small plant of Louis Riel this spring. I used it as a pollen parent, and those hips are developing.


Is Louis Riel a diploid?

I want to make a correction regarding my statement regarding the self-pollination of ‘Louis Riel’. In fact, it doesn’t self-pollinate well. It’s been several years since I saw the shrub for the first time in the fall labeled that name. It was loaded with hips. Obviously, it was incorrectly labeled when I saw it. It likely was Rosa glauca. The shrub has been removed from that location, so I can’t check to see exactly what species or cultivar it was.


I’m figuring that ‘Louis Riel’ should be pentaploid since its parentage is recorded as:

Rosa rubrifolia

Thank you Tom. I received a plant of Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel from Joan Monteith and was wondering how I should go about using this in breeding. Rugosa #3 is a tetraploid conversion. What is the resulting ploidy of a tetraploid crossed with a pentaploid? Any suggestions on what ploidy I should cross this with and in which direction to hopefully get fertile seeds? Thanks in advance.


If Louis Reil behaves like the pentaploid Alba’s (from a R. canina x tetraploid rose cross), this seedling has a good chance of being tetraploid. (The oldest Alba

Thank you for the advice Joan. I was thinking of trying pollen from your seedling on Th


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