Excess seedlings available.

I have some seedlings that are in excess of what I need, so I am going to offer these to RHA folks. These will possibly be of use to people who are working with diploid lines in which they want to include native North American hardy species.

I have a few plants of open pollinated R. foliolosa to give away. There is some question as to whether my specimen is pure species or not. (See: Paul Barden Roses: R. foliolosa )

I also have a few plants (maybe 5 or 6) of a cross of ‘Trier’ X R. pisocarpa. These will have one copy of the Hybrid Musk remontancy gene.

The third offering is ‘Magic Wand’ X R. foliolosa. The seedlings I am offering from this group all appear to be dwarf in stature and in foliage. Flowers will probably be small as well, born in clusters I would expect. The dwarfing trait may or may not be something useful to a breeder, choose according to your own needs/goals. These will also have a gene for remontancy, via ‘Magic Wand’. I use ‘Magic Wand’ because it has a track record as a breeder, it has good vigor and some architecture features I like, copious bloom, and is nearly immune to Blackspot in my experience.

So, please contact me if you have a use for any of these plants. I may have other species crosses come available as well, but I need to take inventory before I announce any additional plants.

Paul Barden

Link: paulbarden.blogspot.com/2009/06/r-foliolosa.html