European Generose workshop

On 29-30 June a workshop is organized by the members of the European Generose project.

As you might now, not only a private compagny like Dole invests in rose research, but also the European commission has invested in roses. Results of the project will be presented at the workshop.

Maybe Belgium is a bit far for most of you on this forum, but nevertheless everyone interested in rose research is invited to participate to this generose meeting. Apart from scientific results, presented on Thursday June 29, also a one day excursion will be organised on Friday June 30.

The programme and more information you will find on

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Oh, wow! That sounds very interesting. I browsed the project’s website before but the information was a bit outdated. I’ll definitely register. Maybe I can write a piece for the RHA Magazine Fall issue about the workshop?

Rob van Drent

The Netherlands


At least 2 members of RHA will be present on this workshop. I’m already registered. So, I see forwards to meet you there.

Martin Vissers


Thanks Leen for mentioning the Generose Workshop on the forum! Thanks to the other people for registration!

You are indeed al welcomed to participate the Workshop.

For more information you can always contact me or go to the Generose website.

Veerle Lamote


Today already more then 35 people registred to this interesting workshop