Eugene de Beauharnais

Is this rose a triploid? Knowing this will determine how I use it. I’m aware it’s fertile both ways. Has anyone used it on diploids?

From my notes it seems that Jack Harkness used it at one point. He makes a small mention of seedlings of it showing some promise in one of his writings. But he does not say what he crossed it with or if he used it as a seed or pollen parent. Sorry I could not be of more help. I wish I knew what book or paper the note the reference came from.

Behaves like a tetraploid.

I have a seedling here I made a couple of seasons ago. I noticed the other day it’s already setting OP hips.


Thank you both. That’s a sweet little rose. Is it fragrant? I put Eugene on the only recurrent offspring that I have from Belle de Crecy which is also absolutely scentless. I’m hoping E de B would help with fragrance.

Hi Lydia, yes, it has a nice fragrance and free of PM for me so far.

I’ve also grown out OP seedlings of ‘Eugene de Beauharnais’.

They were susceptible to PM and culled.

I quit using ‘Eugene de Beauharnais’ years ago when I found that seedlings lacked any disease resistance whatsoever, and plant architecture left a great deal to be desired. I turned instead to ‘Cardinal Hume’, which doesn’t impart great Blackspot resistance, but you can select for improvements. It passes on its odd “cinnamon red hots” scent much of the time, which I enjoy.

Eugene doesn’t repeat well in my climate but this seedling out of International Herald Tribune does. Architecture isn’t bad so far but I probably won’t carry it forward.

‘Cardinal Hume’ was shamelessly fertile for me in both directions. I got way too many descendants. Interesting it can give orange and white.