ethylene and germination paper



Hi Henry,

In a past RHA newletter your mentioned being interested in Ethephon for seed germination, a chemical when on/in plants releases ethylene. You quoted from the Baskins book on seed germination (handouts for their seed germination workshop is on a link on another recent RHA post that I’m excited to go to tomorrow). I’m doing some work with Ethephon and roses now, but it’s too early for me to say one way or another if ethylene helps with rose seed germination as it does with many other species such as many Asteraceae species and other, especially wet land species. What have your experiences been with Ethephon and rose seeds?




Dave, my ethylene germination article is at:

The only control experiment that I did after that is at:,9,10and12.jpg

As you can see, under the one set of conditions that I selected, the ethephon not only did not help but actually hindered germinated (sort of similar to what has been experienced with GA3).


Thanks Henry. That’s too bad Ethephon may not be something that can help us with rose seed germination. Darn.


Dave, I would not give up on it as it may be just my specific experimental conditions were wrong.