Error pop-up window appearing on RHA phorum main page

I sometimes get this small pop-up window indicating an error when I occasionally hit refresh to the RHA phorum front page… I have no clue what this could mean?

Any ideas??

[attachment 813 a.jpg]

In case you can’t read it, the top of the small pop up window reads: “message from webp…”

Neither do I, but it dosen’t hurt anything. Neil

True it doesn’t appear to hurt anything, and nothing else with the phorum seems amiss…on my side anyways…

I get it sometimes, too. But, it goes away and things run as I expect them to.

tis weird however.

I first started seeing those error windows on my iPad and nothing bad would happen. Recently they are starting to pop up on my Mac and sometimes this causes Safari to crash.

It sounds like something to do with the apple operating system. I have never seen it myself and I got windows on this computer. I do wish it was a apple for certain other programs.

No, it isn’t just Apple OS, I use Windows 7, current Firefox and IE, depending upon which one wishes to operate properly at the moment (sometimes, none do because of Time Warner!), and the error pops up on all of them, but clears itself nearly instantly. Doesn’t happen all the time.

I have never had the error - not on iMac, iPad, or iPhone.

I use Vista OS, and have a PC desk type computer with seperate keyboard, monitor, and box… lol … you can see I know next to nothing about these danged things !!

As I wrote further up, the pop-up occurs usually when I refresh the front page (maybe also when I press the Rose Hybridizers Association Forum green option on top of screen menu??), it is just a nuisance for me, I don’t think it is causing me any actual computer issues tho… ohhh… the pop-up does not clear itself until I actually hit the close button on the top right of its window.

The main reason I decided to start a chat about this pop-up, is that it only appears randomly on this phorum site, and never anywhere else when I am using my PC.