Erinnerung an Brod

The rose garden at Elizabeth Park is pretty much at peak right now, and with the cool spring many of the once-bloomers have been putting on a very long show. Veilchenblau in particular lasted for a month, and I was able even today to get pollen from her, though I think the rain tomorrow will pretty much finish her for the season.

I was thinking of adding Veilchenblau to my own garden but perusing her lineage I was interested to learn about Geschwind’s Erinnerung an Brod and wonder if anyone can offer an opinion on which would be a better choice.


Hi Don,

I grow it, but it doesn’t like my climate much, I think. It lacks vigor for me, and for the past 8 years has been a once bloomer. Definitely no repeat. Both Peter Beales and Gregg Lowery list it as a non-repeater, but Quest-Ritson describes it as a generous repeater, as does HMF. I suspect that there are multiple plants in commerce under this name, hence the discrepancies. I have never used it in breeding, not for any particular reason, just because I have so many plants I want to use for breeding and I have to choose carefully. You can’t fiddle with every plant you own when you have 3000 in your collection!

I got this rose from Palatine in Canada. It has been very, very vigorous but only blooms once. I haven’t used it but checked it after seeing this post and it didn’t seem to have pollen. As far as hips, I don’t know because I prune this monster back after it blooms. (hopefully this works) Here is a photo of the one that I have:


I’ve never had Veilchenblau but I did have Erinnerung an Brod. It did set hips rather easily and it only bloomed once for me also. I never checked germination percentage but it seemed ok, maybe 20 percent or so. I have one seedling left of Erinnerung an Brod X Lynnie which is thornless and deep pink. It blackspots some just like its two parents here.


There are reports of ‘Lynnie’ rusting on the CA coast. I hope this won’t be true of other Legacy descendants. I don’t use it anymore.

Thanks everybody for the information on Erinnerung an Brod.

You can’t fiddle with every plant you own when you have 3000 in your collection!

Paul, I envy you the genetic pool but not the work that goes with it. I paced off my own garden today, it’s about 15’ x 20’ and holds only about 50 different cultivars. Despite the size it is all I can do to keep up with it.

Sharon, that’s a great photo and an attractive bloom. It’s so interesting that such a heavily petaled rose gave the dainty blossoms of Veilchenblau. My guess is that if you were to decimate the blossoms you would be able to collect a few anthers from each one, which is what I did to gather enough pollen from Orden to work with.

Pocajun, I’m glad to hear it sets hips, which is good to know since I will be devoting precious space to it.

I’ve really been captivated by Veilchenblau. For me the objective would be to create some color varients of equal intensity, perhaps by trying to add carotenoid pigments to the mix. Mulling it over, I may wind up using Veilchenblau itself, it’s parent Erinnerun an Brod, and even some OP seedlings of Veilchenblau which I have in the pipeline. The seedlings show promise of good color even in their foliage. Here’s a (rather poor) picture of one of them.

Looks smooth. Nice.

Very garden worthy foliage, Don.

Robert, I’m afraid the photo is too bad to show the prickes but it does have them, though not many yet. There are four or five sibs and the others have varying degrees of prickles too. Interesting. a basal shoot on one is loaded while the earlier stems are nearly clean.

Sharon, thanks for the compliment but the credit goes to Johann Schmidt, I just germinated the seeds. If you get the chance check out Fimbriata and Tausendsch

Just dug this post up on a search on EaB.

(Are your veilchenblau seedlings blooming this spring, Don?)

I too was curious about going back to Erinnerung an Brod and seeing what might come of crossing it with a truly bullet-proof modern landscape rose.

Anyone with comments on any seedlings from it, I’d love to hear your input…


Here is an OP seedling from last year which I am sure it is Brod X Lynnie because Lynnie was right next to Brod and it is thornless and has Lynnies flowers. Looks like it will stay fairly small unless it all of a sudden takes off. It is in its second year now and is a blooming fool.


…And of course, EaB has potential to sire thornless offspring (veilchenblau)…


How is disease resistance thus far, Patrick? And how much lavender conveyed in most of its seedlings? And heck, as long as I’m asking, how fragrant are these?

I had wondered how easily the old-fashioned low-centered cup-shape conveyed too… I like the form of many of the very double setigera hybrids, and conjectured that EaB might yield such pretty freely.

Disease resistance is not good at all, it is almost completely defoliated by now and no fragrance. I’m afraid Lynnie was not the best partner for it as I have noticed, Lynnies features usually dominate the other parent as you can see the flowers even look like Lynnie. And EaB does blackspot here some also as does Lynnie so it did not have much to choose from. I have a small seedling of (EaB X lynnie) X my stars this year and will have to wait to see what it does. I will keep them around and play with them.


Patrick… what’s the nice lime-green leafed one to the right of it?

Well, thats a good question. It was among my R. Glauca X Frontenac seedlings last year and surely it is not that or maybe it is, roses are full of surprises, the thing is I had some R. wichurania thornless op seedlings last year and maybe one of them got mixed up with these R. Glauca seeds. It is thornless except for the ribs just like R. Wichurania thornless. It is just starting to bloom and has nice white flowers with a strong fragrance I am not familiar with. it smells like the Bounce you use in the dryer, LOL thats the best I can describe it. I am using some of its pollen on Basye’e blueberry and may even try Basye’s purple. These flowers were unexpected and my mind is going every which way to try to figure out what to use with it and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.