erinnerung an Brod

Another rose, which strangely, hasn’t been used more in hybridizing. Its offspring Veilchenblau, with less attractive and non-remontant smaller flowers has many more offspring than the remontant parent.

What gives? Anyone working with EaB?


Mine is one year old and it only bloomed in the Spring last year. From what I read it is suppose to bloom more often than that. Maybe now that it is older it will bloom better.I did get a couple of hips last Fall which is a cross of Brod X Sweet Chariot. I presently have about 5 seedlings from that cross which have yet to bloom. I plan on doing the same cross this year with hopefully more success than last year.


Great cross Patrick!

Thanks Robert. I really wanted to do the Sweet Chariot X Brod cross but I could not get enough pollen from Brod. I will try again this year.


I wonder whether Veilchenblau really is a cross of Crimson Rambler x Erinnerung an Brod, despite what literature says. Both are more or less prickly, but Veilchenblau has only some bristles. If you look at Rose-Marie Viaud, you can see that the bristles were passed on.

Would a Gallica-type not have been the more probable pollent parent?


Sweet Chariot is presumably a descendent through Violette. That could be a neat cross. I had been considering a larger flowered (remontant) mate, but hadn’t any definitive match yet.

Behcet, I can’t give an intelligent answer as I know little about the Gallicas. They do not like my climate. Veilchenblau does well here, but with our long growing season, folks have little patience for non-remontants.

In fact Karl King is the one who recommended that cross when I had asked about Erinnerung an Brod two years ago.


‘Erinnerung an Brod’ has never repeated in the 8 years I have owned it. I very much doubt it will ever repeat. However, with a couple generations of crosses, you will certainly get remontancy back.


PS: ‘Midnight Blue’ can be a good source of purple if you put a strong orange on it.

I wonder if there isn’t more than one clone in circulation. Vintage Garden says their selection doesn’t repeat whereas Rouge Valley says their selection does. I personally was wondering, based on the stated parentage, how this could be a repeat blooming rose. Also in the references on HMF, Graham Stuart says it is a fairly typical Hybrid Perpetual. whereas the nurseries list them as ramblers. Too much confusion.

I wouldnt doubt it, Paul. OGR’s are like a grab bag purchase many-a-time.

Many roses that repeat in other climates do not repeat here, and some seem to repeat here that do not repeat elsewhere.

Climate definitely influences remontancy.

I got mine from Rouge Valley and it did not repeat in its first year.


There seems to be a lot of confusion with the Geschwind roses expecially Geschwind Norlandson and Geschwind Orden, so it doesn’t surprize me that there might be confusion with Erinnerung an Brod as well.

I agree climate does affect remontancy. Roses that are suppose to repeat in the fall, fail to do so here. I suppose it has to do with our shorter growing season. Applejack has never repeat bloomed for at least one member, whereas it repeats for everbody else.

Sometimes roses need to mature before they repeat. I have a Morden Centennial OP seedling that didn’t bloom the first year, bloomed only in June the second year and had limited repeat the third year.

One of the Erinnerung an Brod X Sweet Chariot seedlings has a flower bud on it so it might be remortant.