Erinnerung an brod

Anyone using Erinnerung an brod in their work. It looks very intresting. I called Rogue Valley roses today and the owner said several Hybridizers were asking for it.


A lot of the “blue” roses came from this…

I’ve seen a wonderful rambler that is nearly exactly Vielchenblau… It’s Danubue, and it EaB as a parent.

I have a picture of Donau!

‘Veilchenblau’ is supposed to be another offspring of ‘Erinnerung an Brod’, and ‘Violette’ is thought to be from ‘Veilchenblau’. And ‘Violette’ was a parent of Ralph Moore’s ‘Sweet Chariot’, which is readily available for anyone who cares to breed from it.

In fact, a cross of Sweet Chariot x Erinnerund an Brod is not a bad idea.

The other parent of ‘Donau!’ was Rosa wichuraiana rubra, which may have been a hybrid. The glossy foliage of ‘Donau!’ is attractive.