Enhanced Advanced Search on Help Me Find

In case you may have missed it, the Advanced Search function on Help Me Find now permits you to search for a greater number of traits. One which may provide some very interesting help is the ability to search whether a rose has been used as seed or pollen parent. Click on “Lineage” under the Advanced Search screen and it opens this window.

The first section allows you to select the rose you’re interested in. Click on “Select Rose” and search for the one you’re interested in. Then, select whether you want to search for its results for seed or pollen, seed, or pollen. So, you’re able to search whether the rose you’re interested in has been used as either (or both) seed or pollen parent.

The second section allows you to search whether a rose has been bred with another rose, either as seed or pollen parent. Of course, you could simply search the rose under the normal search function then sort through all the results individually. This eliminates all that manual labor and permits you to find the results you want to see quickly and easily.


This is a really useful feature of this incredibly helpful site!

IMO one thing that could make it even better is if there was a way to separate actual descendants from sports. I guess sports are descendants too, but in my view they are different. I may very well be wrong. Are sports considered as seed descendants?
Example: type in Augusta Luise as “seed or pollen” or “seed only” parent, and the result is a list of her sports (she actually has no descendants from seed or pollen).
It’s not a big deal though, since clicking through the list eventually allows for clarification.

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No, sports are asexual mutations. Seedlings are sexual creations. I will bring that to the attention of the Help Desk. There must be a method of differentiating between
“first generation offspring” and “sexual offspring”. Thanks.

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Thank you Roseseek!
I wonder if perhaps it is tied to how the algorithm works, it might have considered sports as seed descendants to help standardize the lineage.
If you look at the lineage of say for example Margo Koster in tree form, all the “generations” of sports appear on the tree as generations of seed parents, even though they have the mention “sport”.

Sports and especially sports of sports might present difficulties.
So it might be too complicated to untangle, I don’t know. If it can be done that would be amazing!

Precisely. That is what I pointed out when I messaged the Help Desk. When dredging up the first generation descendants, the programming should omit sports. The response was, “That’s a great suggestion and not that difficult to implement.” We’ll see how quickly it’s put into the line of things to accomplish, but it IS being addressed.


Wow, that is very good news! Thank you for bringing it up with them!

You’re welcome! Thank you for bringing up the issue!

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Thank you, Roseseek, for bringing this to our attention. You and HMF are real treasures.

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You’re welcome. At least Help Me Find is!