Encylopedia of Rose Science

This looks like a wonderful reference. To bad I cant afford it. Perhaps I can convince my local rose society to buy a set and loan it to me.

Didnt know if this would be of value to anyone. I am sure most of you already know about it.

Link: www.bhusa.com/apcatalog/us/subindex.asp?maintarget=&isbn=0122276205&country=United+States&srccode=&ref=&subcode=&head=&pdf=&basiccode=&txtSearch=&SearchField=&operator=

The authors are listed at the following link:


It may be possible to get a free copy of an individual chapter by writing the author (at least that used to be common, I have been retired for 10 years).

Link: www.academicpress.com/contentimages/roberts_ERS_0122276205_contrib.pdf