Elina Fertility

Any information on the seed-setting success and/or pollen donor successes of “Elina”?


Seed setting success: zero.

Pollen success: excellent.

Seems to provide large size blooms to offspring.

One of my all-time best seedlings is Lafter x Elina; it is like distant drums with more petals, larger size, healthier, no fragrance.

‘Elina’ is an extremely shy bloomer in my climate. In the 3 years I’ve had it I think I’ve gotten no more than three flushes of bloom. Some things have a hard time flowering here for some reason.

Elina hates heat is why. It’s kid, Whisper, does well in both coola nd heat, though.

Elina works well as a pollen parent for me, too.

“Elina hates heat”

I believe it!

Too bad ‘Whisper’ is white.

But it isnt white. It’s kind of almond or pearl-toned. It’s like white, but it has a bit of an amber, honey or pearl tone to it. The weird thing about it is that the base of each petal has an orangey-yellow patch to it lol.

Hhhmmm. Sounds interesting!

Elina has an outstanding and long first bloom flush in San Diego, but is a little shy about rebloom during the heat of summer. And Whisper is a lovely ivory-almost bordering on light tan, fading to white in the bright sun. More or less a constant bloomer. I did not know it was an offspring of Elina. That is interesting.

Here, whisper was not as healthy as elina.

Thank you for your input.

I just changed my name here on this thread from “GeorgeV” to “George-Sydney-AUS” to highlight my oppostite location on the globe from you Northern Hemispherians!!

I am new to this forum, and I am already hooked !!

As an aside, I have been fascinated with all to do with roses from the time I remember myself as a little pre-schooler, infatuated with mum’s roses and opening up those weird-looking orange rose hips only to discover seeds…and what weird looking “seeds” they seemed to be…nothing like the “normal” seeds a child would easily recognise…no, these seeds appeared other-worldly at the time.

That childhood fascination for the rose, and the charm of the rose never fades for me.

Back to Elina…

If I do use it (as a pollen parent), it will be with the intention of passing on some of it’s foliar charm and apparent good leaf health.


Thanks to everyone in Sydney for their hospitality to us servicemen during the vn war; the town of Manly was particularly nice, a wonderful place.


Aussies celebrate “Anzac” day every year to commemorate the fallen, and to remember the sacrifices that people like you made in the quest to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy currently.


I don’t know about fertility but Elina performs very well all summer in Hartford, CT , and it is winter hardy here (5b/6a) as well.

In the notes above, Jadae tells us that “Whisper” is a product of an Elina cross.

Can anyone kindly elaborate on the full parentage of Whisper?

Thanks in advance,


Soliatire and Elina. Whisper will set seed and germinate, but I think Solitaire is a better parent. Elina is better off as a pollen donor. btw, I believe that Royal Philharmonic is a descendant of Elina, but I have no way to prove it. It looks as if, though, Savoy Hotel and Elina got together.

Jadae, do yopu mean Solitaire (hybrid tea, McGredy, 1987), or Solitaire (floribunda, Cants, 1970), or other similar spelt?

Hi George,

Solitaire (McGredy) is Whisper’s seed parent. I am using this same Solitaire in all of my HT crosses because for us here in zone 9 it is flawless when it come to disease resistance.

I can only speak for myself but Solitaire is very hard to get your hands on here in the US. One must know someone who grows it and get a cutting as far as I know.


Link: www.justourpictures.com/roses/solitaire.html

Hey Jack. Thanks for the clarification.

Solitaire (McGredy) certainly shows it’s “Peace” inheritance!

btw… I too cannot find Solitaire listed in any of my usual online rose nurseries here in Australia.

Solitaire is now available through Heirlooms.