Earth Angel/Herzogin Christiana

I’ve been intrigued by this one online. Sure, it’s pink, but I always loved Clotilde Soupert, and from images and descriptions, this Kordes rose reminds me of an oversized CS… Kordes’ website gives it their highest score for BS resistance, and some of the testimonies seem to bear that out. Great fragrance to boot, purportedly.
At any rate, saw it own-root in a Central Texas Lowe’s today (There were no blooms on the roses – normally big box stores try to sell things in bud and bloom or they won’t move too well.) and wondered if folks have any experience with it…

I have two rather large hips on my earth angel, which is shocking to me as earth angel hips seem to be elusive. So far my experience has been that they fall off early if there is a maturing hip. I did get one hip when i tried baron girods pollen on earth angel last year and got like 3 seeds. These are much larger and robust looking than the hip formed with baron. I am curious to know what the pollen parent is. Roses nearby are: sophies perpetual, amazone, distant drums, lady emma hamilton, and queen of sweden. My other roses are pretty far away from earth angel. Hopefully if i get ripe seeds they will germinate!


Well, that’s exciting! I haven’t tried making any crosses on this one yet, although it has shown some impressive health for me (its main problem so far is stinginess/lack of ibloom, which is common to a lot of healthy modern Kordes selections, though not all of them). With that assortment of likely suitors, it might just be possible to guess the pollen parent if the seedlings are intermediate. Then again, bees do have a fairly long range, and it might not be a rose that grows very close. Some roses are picky about the pollen they’ll accept, so it would be great to figure out what this one pairs well with naturally.

Here’s hoping you get some interesting seedlings!

Yes! I will share pictures if I get anything. Hopefully i can guess parentage, my neighbors dont really have roses, and if they do, they are double ko’s. I am hopeful!


I am also in agreement that Earth Angel is survivable in Zone 6b Southwestern Pennsylvania. Young plant’s flowers do not open correctly however, if that is a criterion for you. The fragrance is pleasant.

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Earth Angel is extremely black spot resistant here in central GA. My plant is own root - took a little while to get going, but is looking great now. Blooms have opened nicely despite a few thunderstorms.
Both Dark Desire & Plum Perfect (Kordes) roses have set op hips for me.

Both Dark Desire and Earth Angel? And they were viable??
Stephen, you have gotten OP hips off Limoncello and, I believe, Carefree Sunshine too, haven’t you??
I wonder how much of my fertility issues are climate related. This (comparably) wet spring I did have a couple hips on a few erstwhile sterile seeming roses, such as Kardinal Kolorscape.

How floriferous are CC and EA for you in your climate? They were both rather stingy for me, and DD grew backward and died a couple years ago.

I harvested my earth angel seeds today, the hip was still green, but the stem was dying, so i figured it was time. All of the seeds sank in water. I was surprised to see a whopping 4 seeds! They are in the fridge now. I will let yall know if any germinate. If they do, i will probably keep them regardless of disease resistance or flower form, seems a rarity to even get anything from earth angel.


I have the same issue here in NE Ohio. If the rainfall before the rose blooms is not exactly perfect, the centers never open. This year, we had no rain for 3 weeks prior to it blooming and it did produce fragrant blooms. The foliage on this rose is excellent, I just wish it didn’t almost always produce balled centers.

Welcome back, Wickertgardens! Thank you for the warning about Earth Angel.

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Took a little bit to figure out how to get back on the new forum. Looks great. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the posts I missed.

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I checked the fridge and i have one germination from my earth angel seeds i harvested in august!!! I am sooo excited :blush:


That’s great to hear! I love getting germinations from really tiny but important batches of seeds. There’s always that chance of getting something really unique. It may not make statistical sense, but overall, I seem to get more valuable and interesting seedlings from small batches than I do from more productive crosses. I hope that this will turn out that way for you.

Maybe I should start treating my Earth Angel better…


…And I am still jealous! :wink:
I hope something fun comes of those seeds. I was gonna give up on Earth Angel, but darned if you haven’t rekindled some of my fantasies.