Early hips--

The sepals of my Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphiploid hips are dried… looks like the hips are ripe.

It is so early–

Normally, I would collect them and store them in germination. Problem is-- early germinations usually die from mildew. This is a problem for me. I try to collect hips in the New Year.

I never saved seeds dried.

I remember seeing that seeds shouldn’t be dried-- so I don’t know what will happen if I stored these seeds in an dry envalope till Januarary.

I hope somebody has an answer about this-- this is a rather interesting cross.

The pollen parent is Persian Sunset.

So any resulting seedlings with have R. rugosa, R. abysinnica, and H. persica in their parentage.

My seedling is very fertile and may be of interest to other hybridizers because it’s a Basye hybrid without the deep mauve-lavender tinge such as 77-361 seedlings. It roots in water. My original plant is making huge canes-- one had to be trimed because it was 7 feet tall. I have shared this rose with one person, and I hope to make it more readily available next year.

I store the unopened hips in plastic zip lock bags in a closed bucket in my unheated garage.

Abraham Darby’s ripen very early for me too.

Don’t store them dried. Abraham Darby needs a very long stratification, so you can keep them in the refrigerator for long time. If mildew is a problem, take the seeds out every few months and leave the a few hours in hydrogen peroxide.


How long does the hips last in this way?


This is a seedling of Abraham Darby. The plant has characteristics of both parents.

I never germinated seeds of Abraham Darby seedling… last year I sent all OP hips to other people.

Two seasons ago I took the seeds out of the hips 3/18/05


This year I waited till early April. Next season, I think I will go back to mid March.

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/winter_2004-2005%20hips.htm

Enrique, I have saved hips for up to a year (‘Little Darling’ hips) in ziplock bags in the refrigerator. I must admit that was unusual, but it can work. Hips should be clean and dry (free of excess moisture not dried out) before storage.

Jim Sproul

Jim, were the hips so well-preserved that you still had to stratify the seeds afterward? Or were you able to plant them directly at that point?