Early Days for Hardy Moss Try

One objective of a half dozen l have, is to see if can add to an inventory of one apparently hardy Canadian bred moss cross by l believe Skinner.

Named “Mossman” (1954). Auspicious year in hybridizing. Except purist might argue not a true moss - no French moss in it?

However it appears step 2 completed. Today’s harvest of Mme de la Roche-Lambert, a French moss, hip showed it accepted Nelly Kelly pollen (Finn spino).

Nelly Kelly totally hardy in my garden. Not MRL.

Good seed count produced from single hip from single bloom pollinated.


Good luck! I agree, 1954 was a very good year! I’ll be interested in seeing the results of your cross. Raising mosses now isn’t the ordeal it once was. Mossman is one I’d wanted to grow for a long time but it never made itself available when I was in “collector mode”. Obviously there is something “moss” in it or there wouldn’t be the level of mossing there is, though crossing Dottie Louise (Orangeade X Basye’s Legacy) X Fedtschenkoana did result in a rather “mossed” seeding.

You can also take inspiration from Ralph Moore’s “Nutshop” moss, so named as it’s bred from Shoener’s Nutkana and the plant grew down by the shop in the nursery. 'Nutshop' Rose
If the moss seeds prove too difficult to germinate, try the reverse of the cross with any pollen you can dig out of the moss blooms. Good luck!


Hi Roseek,

Indeed ‘54 was a good year for roses.

Thanks for encouragement and your experience.

Tried to get Mossman into the collection a couple times. But European source tapped out and missed on a frenzied rose rustle in a Nirvana heritage garden for me (legit rustle). May try again.

GOOD TIP, both Schoener’s and the species available in garden and worked well last year with Hazeldean and PP pollen - did require a few thermal cycles but produced a combined 7-8 germinations. Will schedule for next year with MRL and NdY if latter blooms.

Also carry NdYoung(e) but took a beating last winter (with protection) after a spectacular bloom. Apparently in Nirvana as Haj.

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